Charity begins at home but often fitness does not. Wondering why?

We see a lot of children these days with a lifestyle disease often associated with adults- Obesity, the main cause for this is Mainly the habits that they observe and learn from home.

It’s very often that children always follow habits of their adults at home and this is now one of the main reasons of growing obesity in children. As per the new research, children today are approximately 15% less fit than the previous generations. It is observed that the health care may diminish if no appropriate care is taken and the system will have only people suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. Only 1 in 3 children are physically active today. This could worsen even more. As per the US Health Association, every child must do at least 60 minutes of any physical activity every day but only a few percentage of children do that and as a result, they are suffering from many health conditions at a very young age.

Mobile games, the play station at home and other distractions have made children a bit lazy and lackadaisical in their attitudes. Although we do have physical education programs for kids at school, they often perform such activities only under pressure and rarely enjoy them. Physical health activities often are also related to mental health but these aspects are often left out to be explained either to parents or even the kids and they often perform sport or fitness activity with force or less interest which doesn’t yield effective results.

importance of fitness among kids

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Benefits of Physical Activity in Children

Sport performance and physical activity have several benefits. The most important being the development of stronger bones and joints in children. Play time has always been an important part of every child’s life. It is through the jumping, running, pulling and grabbing that the body starts developing . Another benefit of being physically active is the maintenance of an appropriate body weight. Once a child indulges in any physical activity and starts enjoying it, body fat is observed to be reduced naturally and this in turn, helps them lead a healthier and active lifestyle. Also, in the long term, children will have lower cholesterol levels and diminished risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Another significant impact found is in the child’s behaviour, adequate exercise takes care of the natural hyperactivity and induces good sleep and these children usually develop to handle physical and emotional challenges better.

Apart from this, kids make new friends, learn about team work, strengthen endurance level and improve the quality of being a team player which help them achieve greater success at the later stage of their life.

Benefits of Physical Activity in Children

Enhances Mental Fitness

So, what exactly is mental fitness?

To define it precisely, mental fitness is about improving your emotional health and behavioural state. And the best ways to improve that is by exercising or performing any kind of physical activity for 30 mins every day, reading, playing games that stimulate brain function, improve learning skills and , self-development and self-confidence in children.

Now talking about mental fitness, do we really think our children are mentally fit and do they enjoy their studies?  Do they love reading? How often do they play chess or board games?
As a parent, if your answer is no, then you may have to think again on helping your kin to start working on their mental fitness as well.

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Still wondering if you can be a part of your children’s fitness activity?

The answer is yes and here’s how:

  • Be a role model yourself as parents.
  • Play with your child.
  • Minimize the usage of Television.
  • Provide engaging and fun activities that promote learning and developmental skills among the kids.
  • Above all, eat healthy and experiment in the kitchen to make food fun and not a punishment.

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  1. Great article! In this growing digital era, kids are getting confined to closed doors with minimal access to the nature. Playgrounds are full of kids busy with their mobiles. Parents have to make conscious efforts to include playtimes in their kids’ schedules. This is important to keep away future health problems.

  2. Great read! Parents need all the information about childhood obesity prevention, as weight-related health issues have increased dramatically among kids. Prevention is best, especially since weight problems become a sensitive topic for kids. You’re right about encouraging children to take up a sport.

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    I don’t have children of my own, but I am fostering kindergarteners and strive to help them in any way I can.

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