So, what is your role when it comes to making the world a better place? Whether you want to bring huge changes or do only your share—it’s all about contributing your share to make this earth even more beautiful for the generations to come! Since Gympik breathes, celebrates and inspires everything related to fitness, we have come up with fun ideas for you to celebrate Earth Day with fitness panache while you connect with nature!

Here are five superb healthy ways you can celebrate this Earth Day:

Go for outdoor fitness activities: Hiking, cycling, biking, walking, jogging combine the benefits of cardio, stamina, and strength training. These activities stress on your legs, strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, increase your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscle strength, improve joint mobility, and strengthen bones. Apart from these, these fitness activities help you relieve stress as you come closer to nature and decrease your body fat level.


Opt for Nature Yoga: If you haven’t tried outdoor yoga yet, it’s the right time to opt for it. According to the experienced yoga practitioners, practicing yoga under the open sky helps relaxing and intensifying the balance between our body and mind. Nature effortlessly transforms any activity into a fun activity and inspires us to keep nature as beautiful as it is.

nature yoga


Go Swimming or Kayaking: Swimming and Kayaking are great options for outdoor activities that bring you closer to nature while your body gets some good dose of cardio and strength training. These outdoor sports work on your upper-body, stomach, back, shoulders, and arms. Moreover, these activities improve your flexibility and tone your body.



Grow your own veggies & herbs: There is nothing better than plucking veggies and herbs from your own garden to reduce poison in your food. Apart from making the earth less poisonous, growing your own food can also save you some money (the amount you spend on vehicle fuel) and reduce some air pollution too.



Come closer to nature and make this earth a better place for the generations to come. Share your ideas with us on how would you like to celebrate earth day in the comments section below. Take a step towards creating something different yet valuable and stay fit, stay healthy!

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