Music and ExerciseMusic is not just a motivator but one of the key elements when it comes to working out. It’s no novel concept. Almost every style of exercise is performed to a particular genre of music. In fact, exercise and workout styles keep evolving because of the dynamic that is music. So if you have been listening to the same workout playlist for a month now, you need to create a new one. Why, you ask? Have you ever heard a song you enjoyed so much that you kept playing it on your iPod for several days at a stretch? That too on loop! I bet you can’t bear that song now, right? See where I’m getting at? Change beats boredom and monotony. So if you want a dose of fresh inspiration, you need to delete that current playlist now. Better yet, let’s create multiple sets of playlists each one different from the rest in terms of genre and tempo. The choice of genre will depend on your taste and preference, of course. Say, if you’re into hip hop, it would be great for a zumba workout.

Tempo is also a crucial factor. Find songs that have a distinct rhythm and appropriate tempo/beats-per-minute (bpm). The song’s bpm should correspond to the heart rate you’d have during that particular workout. Although it is expected that the stronger and upbeat the music is, you will most likely be able to keep up with it, the following is just a guide to the required tempo for a few cardio workouts:

Power Walking: 137 – 139 bpm approx.

Running: 147 – 169 bpm approx.

Cycling: 135 – 170 bpm approx.

All you need to break that monotony is a new set of tunes to tone yourself up!