Does going to the gym feel monotonous to you? You are not alone! Even the biggest fitness freaks admit that going to the gym regularly and doing the same workout every single day, week after week can become boring. In fact, sometimes this can also be demotivating. Isn’t it? Well, not if you are a member of Power World gym!

Aware of the creeping “burn out” effect gym goers sometimes go through, Power World Gyms came up with an innovative contest called #MyPowerSelfie to motivate their members and also encourage a healthy lifestyle.

All that the Power World members had to do was to post a selfie either before or after their workout and share it on Power World’s social media page. First prize included an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 3000, second prize was a gift voucher worth Rs. 2000 and third prize a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000. Not bad at all given that the annual membership price is Rs. 5000 only!

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According to one of the centre managers at the Power World gym, the aim of the contest was to not only make coming to the gym more fun for the members but also help them gain more confidence in their body.

In fact, though you may find the concept of selfie frivolous, the fact is selfies are a great way to keep your motivation high as you can clearly track the physical changes your body goes through as you workout. Not to mention the whole process is also a lot of fun.

Power World Gyms reported that they had over 50 participations in the one week of the contest and over 4000 likes, shares and comments in total. Going by some of the comments it is clear that not only are the participants having a lot of fun themselves, they are also actively encouraging each other in their joint quest for a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, some of the participants have become mini celebrities already with several requests from others for workout tips and shortcuts! Apart from the prize for the winners, this opportunity to be acknowledged by the fellow gym goers is an amazing gift to the fitness enthusiasts!

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In short, with one simple contest, Power World gyms has managed to send sparks of motivation across its members while also introducing an element of fun in the whole process. We would go so far as to say that all the gyms should have at least one such contest so that their members enjoy the process of transformation while also proudly showing off their gains!


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