So you have finally made the big decision to join a gym? You have perhaps already googled the best gyms in the city and the results have just left you more confused as ever! Each gym calls itself the “next big thing in the fitness industry”!

But deep down, are you really sure that the gym you have shortlisted, the one that promises to transform you into “The Great Khali” in whatever number of days is telling the truth? Are the right arm and left leg they are asking for as a fee really worth it? If not, what actually should you be looking for? If these are some of the questions running through your head right now, read on.

Choosing a gym is just as important as choosing a life partner, the right one can change you as a person and take you places, but the wrong one can completely ruin you and your health. This is why we have created a list of 5 basic things that you should always look for in a gym. Here we go:

1. Equipment

While one could indeed work out with just their body weight, the fact is life is so much easier with the right equipment.  Especially true if you are new to exercise. Not only do the machines help you learn the movements but if you do not have the full strength or balance, machines are also the safer option.

While you are checking for the quality, we also want you to check for the quantity. Unless you want to queue up for each equipment like it’s the Walmart, we highly recommend you choose gyms that have the adequate equipment!


2. Trainer

We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a good trainer, perhaps even more so than the point about the equipment. The right trainer or instructor can not only keep you motivated, but they also help you maximise your efforts, help you become more accountable and most importantly, they help you avoid injuries!

In fact, there are a few gyms like Power World gyms in Bangalore, that really understand the value of a good trainer, going so far as opening their own academy, the Power World Fitness Academy, where their trainers undergo an extensive 6-month course with strenuous checks in place. This amazing program has helped countless trainers become better and more importantly helped many customers get access to the best practices in the fitness industry.

3. Cleanliness

Do you really fancy working out in a gym the machines are dripping with someone else’s sweat? Not only is the thought profoundly disgusting, but there’s the larger issue about your health. An unclean gym can house a host of bacterias and viruses which can completely ruin your day. Luckily most gyms value cleanliness but do distance yourself from the ones that don’t!

4. Accessibility

Among other things you really would want to consider the distance of the gym relative to your home or office. While this may seem like a trivial point, keep in mind that in the beginning, you will be dragging yourself to the gym and after an exhausting workout schedule, dragging yourself back home again. The farther the gym is from your home, the less likely you are to visit it.


5. Cost

While it is true that one cannot place a price on one’s health, it doesn’t mean you have to pay insane memberships fees to stay fit. Try not to pay for services you will never or rarely use. For example, there’s no point in paying extra for the steam room if you are planning to use it once in six months! Sometimes gym staff to try hard to push their personal agenda like personal training or some fancy equipment you may never need. Think if you really require what is being offered and decide accordingly. Sometimes you can reap far better rewards from a cheap gym membership than a super expensive one! 

In the end, we hope that the above information will help you zero down on the gym of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket! As a bonus to the above info, let us also introduce you to one of the best membership offers that is going around. Power World Gyms is offering a perfect combo of the best equipment, best trainers, kickass ambience and more at the crazy price starting at Rs.3500 per year only in Bangalore (extra Rs.150 off if you purchase it on Gympik) and Rs.3300 per year only in Delhi NCR! Do check them out! Adios!


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