As India becomes more and more fitness conscious with each passing year, more and more women are choosing health clubs, gyms, fitness centres or personal trainers to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. This is a great news for a nation which has recently been featured as one of the most obese nations in the world.

What’s even better is the fact that the fitness bug has now spread to the otherwise unlikely audience, the housewives and even a few women from older generations! To celebrate this phenomenon, we interviewed 10 women from different spheres of life and occupational background to know what are the most important things women look for when it comes to choosing a gym or fitness centre and here’s what we found:

1. Trainers

A good trainer is to work out what a good teacher is to school, an asset. The good trainers can completely transform your body with their knowledge and expertise. Similarly, the bad trainers can completely destroy your experience and in the worst cases your body, with their inexperience and unprofessionalism. This is why most women agreed that a good trainer is on top of the list of things they wanted in a gym. 

2. Cleanliness

Let’s admit it! This is not a problem faced only by women. Do you really want to work out in a gym that takes pride in showcasing the amount of sweat on the equipment to attest how hard its members’ workout?

Pretty sure you would hate it if you accidentally stumbled across the remains of someone’s protein shake from yesterday on the floor while doing your push-ups!

Apart from evoking disgust and ruining your whole day, an unclean gym is also home to numerous health hazards in the form of bacterias and other microbes. So isn’t it only fair to ask for a clean environment at the gym?

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3. Crowd

Imagine this situation. You are at the peak of your session, feeling happy about challenging your limits and overall having a great time. Suddenly you notice someone filming you without your permission or staring uncomfortably at you. How would you feel?

Or take this scenario where you are in your zone when the peace is shattered by this one gentleman negotiating a business transaction very loudly while apparently taking a leisurely stroll on the treadmill!

The truth is, apart from the trainers and equipment, the kind of crowd that workout also has a significant impact on you and your workout. A good crowd teeming with positive energy can have an electrifying effect on your motivation but a bad crowd can completely sap your will to work out. And this is the truth irrespective of whether your gender. This is why a good crowd is one of the most important things a woman wants in the gym.

Group workout


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Now that you know what women look for, wouldn’t you agree that these are the things anyone would want in a gym? Yet, sadly only a few gyms in India have a combination of all three without charging a bomb as a membership fee. One of these few is Power World.  

Spread across 20 locations in Bangalore (and now in Delhi NCR too!), Power World Fitness Center is the perfect workout destination for those who want to make health a pocket-friendly choice. With finest equipment, training programs and nutrition counselling and certified trainers, Power World Fitness Center truly is an ideal place to meet your fitness goals!

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