Fitness freaks in Bangalore, this post is especially for you. We have come up with a small (but, essentially helpful) compilation of the best gyms in Bangalore that will help you choose the right gym near you.

1. Haute Fitness, Sahakara Nagar

Haute Fitness Sahakar Nagar

Undoubtedly one of the swankiest gyms in the Bangalore, Haute Fitness is the place to go if you want to straight-up slay your fitness goals. Equipped with state-of-the-art machines from top-notch brands, members have described Haute Fitness as a fun place to workout.

Haute Fitness Location, Sahakara Nagar

Membership Fees: ₹15,999

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2. Vriddhi Fitness

Vriddhi Fitness in Bangalore

Vriddhi Fitness is India’s first integrated clinical based wellness centre in Bangalore. They have various services to offer which include weight loss and weight gain programs, bodybuilding exercises, cardiovascular workouts and general fitness exercises.

Vriddhi Fitness LocationsBannerghatta & Jayanagar

Membership Fees: ₹33,000

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3. F45 Training

F45 Training Gym in Bangalore

F45 is purely high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Designed to give you that ripped body with their 45 minutes of functional training, F45 is the place to be. With their certified trainers and a critically designed workout plan, a session at F45 is nothing short of fun, enthusiasm and power intensified.

F45 Training Location, Indiranagar

Membership Fees: ₹44,999

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4. Snap Fitness Bangalore

Snap Fitness in Bangalore

With over 2500 clubs in 1450 locations sprung across the world, Snap Fitness Bangalore is a branch of a world-renowned leader in the fitness industry. Snap Fitness is highly result-oriented and strives at providing high-quality services and facilities to its customers.

Snap Fitness Bangalore, Multiple locations across Bangalore

Membership Fees: ₹17,000

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5. Kaizen Fitness

Kaizen Fitness in JP Nagar

Kaizen Fitness in JP Nagar offers many general fitness programs focusing on weight loss, weight gain, functional training and bodybuilding. Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics-Jazzercise and Kickboxing are some of the offerings that this centre provides. Besides, they make working out highly efficient and convenient by providing amenities such as free parking, AC, changing rooms and others. Book a free trial at Kaizen Fitness on Gympik now.

Kaizen Fitness, JP Nagar

Membership Fees: ₹35,400

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6. Hammer Fitness

Hammer Fitness in HSR Layout

Touted to be the biggest gym in HSR Layout, Hammer Fitness is definitely worth a visit. Besides rendering fitness services, Hammer Fitness strives at delivering the right solutions to people to achieve and maintain a fit lifestyle. Programs include Bollywood dancing, kettlebell training, and circuit training.

Hammer Fitness Locations, HSR Layout

Membership Fees: ₹25,000

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7. Power World Gyms

Power World Gyms in Bangalore

Power World Fitness Gyms are one of those pocket-friendly gyms. Despite the fact, they are spacious and located in most of the popular areas. The various offerings available are weight loss and weight gain programs, bodybuilding exercises, cardiovascular workouts and general fitness exercises.

Power World Gyms, Multiple locations across Bangalore

Membership Fees: ₹3,000

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8. We Fitness, JP Nagar

We Fitness in JP Nagar

With a focus on providing result-oriented highest quality fitness holistic programs, We Fitness is one of the more popular gyms in Bangalore. At We Fitness, you can choose from a plethora of activities ranging from machine workouts, Zumba, yoga, cross-functional training and even swimming, all under one roof.

We Fitness Location, JP Nagar

Membership Fees: ₹18,000

9. Invictus Athletic Club

Invictus Athletic Club Sarjapura Main Road

Invictus Athletic Club is one of the best-equipped gyms in Sarjapura main road covering three separate areas allowing you to truly tailor your training to make it the most effective and fun experience that gets you results. Apart from having an amazing collection of equipment from some of the top brands, Invictus Athletic Club also has great trainers who are with you at every step of your fitness journey.

Invictus Athletic Club Location, Sarjapur Main Rd

Membership Fees: ₹23,000

10. Lotus Sports & Fitness, JP Nagar

Lotus Fitness in Bangalore

Spacious and well-ventilated, Lotus Fitness is one of the biggest gyms in Bangalore. The USP of Lotus Fitness is the mind-boggling array of offerings for the members. From functional training to HIIT, yoga, Zumba and swimming, there’s just a huge number of activities that members can choose from. 

So there you go – the top gyms in Bangalore some of which are even among the top in the country! Choose fitness and join any of the gyms listed above and you’ll never look back.

Lotus Fitness Location, JP Nagar

Membership Fees: ₹ 45,000

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Disclaimer: This article has been updated as per the supporting information available for the year 2019.


    • Hi Aadam, Glad to know that 🙂 Keep visiting our blog for more such articles on fitness centers, general fitness and health tips!

      • How come power world be the First in the list , i have been there visited and tested, no any certified trainer and they dont know what fitness is………..having room full of equipment’s doesn’t mean its best…………

  1. Dear Readers,
    There is one more place in Sahakarnagar called GroupEx ( Sweat Group Ex ) Yoga, Zumba, Step Fit, Kombat, Functional Cross Fit, HIIT programmes are at best, we have all trainers who are certified and owner is pioneer in Bangalore to introduce these cross fit based training’s, when places like Gold, Snap, F45 can be in list my Gym is far better in cross functional training, equipment wise yes gold snap & f45 might have best rings and instruments….come experience this place once, This has Best group classes through out day and only group classes.

  2. Seriously? I had been to power world and it has worst facilities. There are couple of good places where actual fitness is followed. Fitness is not about how good machines you have or how decorative your floor is, it’s about how good trainers you have. SWEAT EX – GROUP EX.. Sahakar nagar . Where Mr. Azeem is doing a good job. Actually awesome job.. bring up the good things and motivate this Fitness center. There are couple of trainers who does a great job there. I’m no marketing person of this club. I m a member who sees the gym once in a blue moon. But you should always appreciate quality.. please post information after verifying., lot of ppl will follow the post. Don’t give false guidance. Thank you

  3. I do agree to Karan, I am also member of SweatEx, awesome cross training with motivating instructors make workout interesting every day, work out in natural way than depending on some equipment or machines. Working out at SweatEx is an experience ?

  4. Seems like a paid review, if not then definately not a well researched post. Snap fitness doesnt deserve to be in top 50 in Bangalore forget top 10.. there is no mention of Gold’s, Cult Gym in your top 10.

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  6. I was working out in one the best gym in Jayanagar called Emerge Private Fitness Studio, It was an amazing gym and established in 2008. Also had two branches in Bangalore one is in Jayanagar and recently they launched in RR Nagar. I would say it’s a good gym compared others, here they focus on providing quality services rather than taking too much fees. They focus on mainly group classes with high quality services for free of cost. I would recommend for everyone who are there near by this is their website and you can contact them.

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