We know how critical is it to fight the battle of any disease that comes with a twitch of tug of war between life and death. Well, for common human beings, the fear of cancer is something that kills them before even it attacks them. Before we get into the article, let’s bow down to those who survived this life-threatening disease and marched through life with élan and determination.

While talking about Cancer, today we want to talk about Yuvraj Singh, the Lion of Punjab who had given us enormous moments in cricket to cheer for. From Cricket to Cancer, Yuvraj has made every single obstacle an opportunity while celebrating the journey — be it through the toughest of hardships and emerge as a fighter to give the entire world an inspirational comeback or his oh-so-romantic love story with actor and model Hazel Keech that made the world go ‘aww’!

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This Indian all-rounder is recognized as much for his incredible performance on the field as he is known for his winning the life and death battle with cancer.

Yuvraj Singh’s cancer story is a living testament of how far a human soul can go and how much power each of us have in ourselves if we have the zeal to fight back to life for the passion we have. Yuvi is the man who revolutionized the fielding standards of Indians and the hero of the 2007 and 2011 World Cups. Moreover, he is the man who refused to give up and played the 2011 CWC though he was struggling to manage his breath, frequent vomiting, lung pain and nausea because he chose to give his best than losing it to his adverse health situations. His cricket journey started with playing for Punjab under 19 and he shone brighter than a star when he won The Man of the Match in 2000 under 19 World Cup and since then there is no looking back.

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This “Punjab da Puttar” has given us wonderful moments from 2002 in Lords to ICC World T20 in 2007, to 2011 Cricket World Cup. Hardly did he know that this winning glory was waiting to overshadow him by the deadly disease he has been carrying in his lung— a huge tumor was pressing against Yuvi’s left lung and artery. Amidst the breathlessness and bouts of nausea, he was constantly in a dilemma whether he would be able to come back to life as a winner defeating cancer and live life even bigger or was that going to be the end of it.


While talking about his difficult and wobbly journey with cancer and emerging as a winner by defeating this deadening disease, Yuvi says,

I was inspired by Lance Armstrong when I was going through cancer…It’s tough when you go through a period like this in your life when you don’t know where your life is going to go.

He said the only thing that kept him going was his mental strength that he gained being a sportsman for so many years. As the treatment was a long and mentally draining phase of his life, he said, it was important to be mentally strong since the stronger one is mental, the stronger the body starts believing it is. He went stating that he had to work harder on his body to prepare for a healthy comeback to follow his dreams and achieve more in cricket. Yuvraj Singh’s workout routine was more of a prepping up for the comeback as he said, I have been working pretty hard on my fitness. I’ve changed my diet completely and putting some extra hours because of my body went through during cancer,” he told.

Though Yuvraj was fortunate enough to get to know about his disease and deal with world’s best medical staffs as it was caught at a nascent stage, but some of us are not as fortune to get the chance to realize that we have cancer. It is then when this all-rounder decided to establish a foundation called ‘YouWeCan’ that works efficiently to create awareness about cancer, raise funds, help the needy to fight back to life and fulfill their dreams.

Yuvi says,

“The first thing is that we want is to open detection centers for cancer. It’s very important to get diagnosed early. If you get detected early, half the battle is won. There are a lot of people who can’t afford to come and get tested. We want to help them.”

From a celebrated and successful cricketer to a cancer survivor to an entrepreneur, Yuvi has left no stones unturned to live life to the hilt and inspire people to shun all the inhibitions and live bigger.

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Yuvraj Singh’s cancer story inspires many to fight back and He says,

“I couldn’t have done it alone, it was very important that a lot of people stood by me.”

We salute him for his bravery and giving us reasons to smile and fight back, comes what may!


True that is, life throws surprises at us and we should be ready to receive them as is. But, with the surprises, comes to the challenges that make us stronger and make us stronger to fight against all diversities and emerge as a star, keeping positivism intact; because life shines brighter once we light ourselves with the spirit of a fighter. With that, we would love to see your comments flowing. And don’t forget to stay fit, stay healthy!


  1. Such an inspirational man and motivational story. Thanks for sharing this story with us. I hope you will post more inspirational and motivational story in future.


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