A person whose world rotates around food, whose eyes glisten when someone talks about food, whose wait for the ‘baraat’ in a big fat wedding becomes a serious concern because only then they can dig into the food, can only understand the intense agony of food-deprivation! Yes, we are here to talk about the consequences of a foodie joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer and they are given a diet chart to follow! It’s quite a predicament, and for a foodie, it surely is a calamity!

We relate to you, guys! Some of us have been there and shed a tear or two, not for the excruciating workout routine, but for the call of foods we were forced to ignore! It adds to the pain and makes life look miserable. It goes without saying, the trainer receives millions of curses for being the actual pain in the neck.


Thoughts that go on in a foodie’s head when a diet plan is issued-

It’s Emotional torture

The first time when the diet chart lands in your hand, there is a riot of emotions in your mind—grief, non-acceptance, denial, deep sorrow, and even emotional breakdown when you picturize refraining yourself from the parties serving drool-worthy foods. You feel your stomach suddenly grows its own mind and joins you in a squall.

 Foodie thoughts on diet emotional torture


No good food=No good thoughts

While boiled veggies, salads, and unappetizing foods fill your plates, remorse, sadness, anger fill your head. All of a sudden, the whole world crashes in front of you and your stomach weeps silently while you stuff yourself with what otherwise you consider as ‘ghas phus’. While your soul refuses to stick to this ‘diet plan’, your brain gives a constant buzz, indicating a near conk off state that’s a hint to the body, “No good food, no good thoughts.”

No good food no good thoughts


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These demented species should dwell on some other planet

You bottle that anger up and can’t resist to punch in your trainer’s face! Besides, you open the floodgates of your stock of expletives when he forbids you to have all that drips butter, oil, spices and are superbly scrumptious to your taste buds! Well, you grimace and mumble in your mind, “Why on earth should I not eat what I love? Then why the hell am I working out!”
demented species


One cheat day a week, can be fatal

Yeah, we empathize! You would have never imagined such ruthless species exist till the time you meet a personal trainer. Excruciating workout every day and then comes only one cheat day a week to celebrate all that hard work! Completely unacceptable! Where is the motivation to drive your muscles crazy if you can’t even enjoy freedom of eating?

cheat day


The hollowness in your heart just gets deeper

Living on your own terms with the freedom to choose what goes in your stomach is now a distant dream. Be it home-made delicious ‘Aloo paranthas’, mom made ‘Gajar ka halwa’ now can be seen only from a distance; not to forget the pain that fills your heart for not being able to unite two lovers (your taste buds and the food)! Hence, the abyss just gets deeper and the hollowness becomes agonizing!


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Embracing so-called ‘comfort’


When nothing goes right, you embrace whatever little you have! Well wait, we have no intention of preaching psychology and life! When you get stuck with boring salads and some strict must haves from your diet chart that fail to stir your mind, you embrace the only few things that shine bright in your diet chart—the proteins! It’s a win win if you are a non-vegetarian, but not at all bad even if you are a vegetarian; after all, ‘Paneer tikka’, ‘Butter paneer’, ‘Palak paneer’ are not bad options at all. I am already salivating!


We haven’t found the person who invented the word ‘DIET’ to add humongous frustration to our lives and make it sound similar to ‘DIE’. Keep your comments coming if you have ever seen a foodie on diet and share your experience. You can also share your thoughts if you have ever been through the torturing process called, ‘Dieting’.



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