cyclingCars, automobiles, call taxis and our habit of spending money on commuting is only encouraging us further towards a sedentary lifestyle. Some of you might be saying, “But I go to the gym regularly.” Perhaps. But do you walk to the gym, or do you take your car/two-wheeler? If you’re saying it’s a little too far for walking, how about cycling there? Why, you ask? Read on to know why you should go back to your cycling days.

Obesity and other health risks reduced

Cycling can help to regulate your metabolic rate. Regular cycling can help you build muscle and burn the body fat. Steady cycling can help to burn 300 calories per hour. Hence regular cycling every day for about half an hour can burn considerable amount of calories and help manage weight concerns. Moreover, you can gradually increase the speed and eventually improve on the time and intensity you want to ride. Cycling combined with a healthy diet plan is an ideal way to lose weight and stay fit.
We’re aware of the well-known fact that lack of physical activity leads to obesity, and with cycling you tend to burn fat and also lower blood glucose levels, thus reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Regular cycling can help efficient circulation of blood and maintain a healthy heart and lung, thus reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and other health complications such as stroke and kidney damage. Research also indicates that cycling can lower the risk of developing breast and colon cancer.

Improves coordination and enhances muscle tone

Regular cycling helps to improve coordination, strength and gain balance. Cycling being a low-impact exercise can be ideal for those with osteoarthritis, since it places little stress on joints. Cycling is an ideal fitness activity as every part of the body is involved in this activity. Muscle tone of legs, thighs and hips is improved with regular cycling. Mobility of hips, joints and knees is improved with steady and regular cycling.

Builds stamina

Cycling is an easiest way to build stamina. Being easy and efficient way to ride, you tend to ride with gradual increase in intensity every time you ride. This eventually helps to increase stamina and enhance your fitness level.

Modulates stress level

Any fitness activity helps to relive stress and increases self-esteem, and same holds true with cycling. Cycling outdoors in fresh air rejuvenates the mind and soul and calms the mind. This helps to eliminate depression, anxiety and mood swings.


Cycling is fun and a very good fitness activity; however, you must consider the safety aspect as well. The safety of the equipment ensures safety for the person riding, be it an adult or a kid. Like any other physical activity cycling too requires gradual progression. Starting off with great intensity and vigor is not recommended. A gradual start with a 15 minutes cycling every day and increasing it to a 30 minutes per day would be ideal. Though cycling can be enjoyed as a fitness exercise for all age groups, advice and guidance from your physician or your personal trainer is highly recommended. Based on various factors such as health condition and fitness capacity, your personal trainer may want to advice and guide you appropriately before you take up this fitness activity.

For added fun, join a fitness studio near you and take up a spinning class!


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