Congrats! You are pregnant and entering a world of possibilities and I am sure you would receive countless advice from well wishers at this junction but amidst all that chaos there are three important things you should consider adding to your routine right now. Read on to find out more:  

Eat fat

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know that fat is the health world’s new best friend and I am referring to the good kind like avocados, coconut oil, ghee, eggs etc. It is proven that fat or essential fatty acids in fat are essential for healthy brain development of the foetus. Many new mothers follow society’s dangerous expectation of being thin even during pregnancy and postpartum, and it is extremely dangerous for the growing baby. It is proven that low fat diets are associated with low birth weights and reduced milk flow post delivery so eat up your good fats! Good quantities of ghee, foods prepared with coconut oil, avocados, and more will supply your baby with adequate nutrition and will help you lactate easily later on.

Eat right

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Work out the right way

If you have a go ahead from your doctor you need to get your body moving. Studies have shown that mild to moderate exercise helps improve circulation to the growing baby and improve some pregnancy symptoms like fatigue etc for the mother. Caution is necessary as your body produces certain hormones that make your ligaments softer hence increasing the chances of injury. Swimming, mild aerobics, walking, and certain yoga positions are proven to be the most beneficial for pregnant women. I personally swam till the end of my pregnancy as I had severe lower back pain and being weightless in the water helped my body tremendously, not to mention my mood. I also went to a certified prenatal yoga instructor for yoga sessions as there are breathing techniques and exercises specific to pregnant women in yoga. Also, do not do any exercise that involves holding your breath, jumping, bouncing or activities that may cause injury to the abdomen areas like throwing ball etc.Work out the right way

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Work out your brain

Activities like solving puzzles, listening to music, doing mental math etc helps develop the baby’s brain cells in a better way. I am deducing this because studies have shown that music and talking to babies help secrete certain hormones that enhance babies development in the womb, and babies who are spoken to in utero recognize those words and parents voices. I personally took an intense law exam during my third trimester and though genes do play a large part in deciding intelligence, certain things we do can help improve chances of having a smarter baby. I attribute some portion of my child’s smartness to the activities I did during my pregnancy. Pregnant women across the world have done some activity like this like Jews regularly solve math problems during pregnancy, Hindus chant mantras etc. Although studies show benefits of music and talking, if you take the concept further and start working out your brain more there might be a chance that your growing baby will benefit from it well.Work out your brain

Generations of women have followed these tips but due to the various myths about all fats being bad, society’s unrealistic expectations of staying in shape even during pregnancy, and other alarming trends, have made healthy pregnancy that much more difficult. Instead of worrying about weight gain that is natural and healthy, focus more on ensuring you eat well and more than anything be happy! Pregnancy is a special experience and one that must be cherished not resented.

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