Pilate is a form of workout which demands a total control over mind and body. It flows in a constant sequence and happens one after another. Though very similar to yoga, as some may say, Pilates are very different because they demand gobs of precision and control. It falls into both the categories of workout – aerobic and anaerobic. Pilate demands high amounts of concentration and focus and lengthens and stretches pretty much all of the major muscle groups. Nevertheless, Pilates have tons of benefits and here’s why both men and women alike should give it a shot!

Say hello to sexy abs:

In both Fitness and Pilates lingo, your core is called your ‘powerhouse’. This workout activates your core immensely! Pilates’ controlled and methodically designed movements help you add stability to your core while strengthening it and reducing any probable strain on your neck, shoulders and other joints. With every level, your core is put to test and you push the bar henceforth getting your abs and core to be and look so much better.

Say hello to sexy abs

Take flexibility to a whole new level:

Pilate uses a series of slow movements that are timed and controlled. It lengthens and stretches your muscles. And since you hold poses for specific time and dynamically shift into the next your body begins to adjust to this variation, and as a result becomes more and more flexible.Take flexibility to a whole new level

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Improve your posture and strengthen your spine:

Do we need to say more? Since Pilates need you to find your body’s center and balance along during the movements your posture is corrected and hell yeah, that spine of yours is worked for the good.Improve your posture and strengthen your spine

Boosts body’s balance:

Have you ever seen a Pilates session in progress? Notice how they balance the whole body so symmetrically? Yes, Pilate focuses primarily on how you balance your body and hey, you distribute the workout evenly through your muscles. And who knows, maybe you’ll also be able to balance everything else too – *wink*Boosts body’s balance

Stay mentally sane:

Pilates improve your focus and concentration levels, relieve stress free and also build your mental capacity. Psst – here’s something that’ll help you in your next crossword. Pilate is called the ‘Thinking Man’s Exercises’; for very good reasons. It hones your concentration and research shows that your neural network activity, memory power and other cognitive functions are all enhanced largely.

Time and again, Pilates have  a massive focus on 3 major things – body, breath, and their coordination. Studies have shown that this amalgamation of the 3 keeps you from zoning out and since you breathe properly, you reduce stress too.

Stay mentally sane

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Advance your sexual drive:

Pilate does a lot of ‘Pelvis Lifting’ workouts. Have you ever thought how awesome it’ll make you in bed? We’re sure we needn’t say more. When the Pilates instructor says, ‘Lift that pelvis of yours off the floor’ think of this brownie that’s coming your way. And also for those of you (women of course!) who’re expecting or want to conceive, Pilates also strengthen the walls of your uterus and vagina for better conceiving chances and a smoother delivery.Advance your sexual drive

Pilates may seem a little slow at first because it’s not really rigorous in the beginning. You never work your muscles to exhaustion like in a regular strength training regimen. But over a period you’ll realize the health benefits that Pilates can gift to you. As you advance, your core strength, endurance levels and stability are all challenged. It’s all about your breath, body and how they move together in harmony. What are you waiting for then? Get your mat ready and fix yourself up a class. Pilates, here we come! If you liked this article then don’t forget to hit the like and share button. Any thoughts? Tell us in the comments section below. For more similar articles, stay tuned!


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