It’s no secret that the fitness industry in India is severely lagging behind on a global stage. Be it equipment or trainers, the best in the industry is available to only those who are willing to spend an exorbitant amount of money. No wonder then that a lot of Indians still perceive fitness as a luxury than as a necessity. Well, all this may change, thanks to the international fitness chain, Power World Gyms by Talwalkars that have set up their own academy called the Power World Fitness Academy to cater to the industry and churn out world-class fitness trainers.

Power World Gyms Fitness Academy

Why Power World Fitness Academy?

One might wonder why did an international fitness chain like Power World Gyms choose to invest in their own academy rather than recruiting from the existing talent pool? Well, according to Mr. John Paul Rajesh, the Deputy General Manager – Operations of Power World Fitness (Private) Limited, this was done for two reasons.

First was to inculcate values that the Brand Power World holds close to their heart into the trainers so that they can provide a world-class client service. The second reason is to provide a platform for the youth to explore a career in the fitness industry.

Today, unless you workout at one of the prohibitively expensive celebrity gym chains, most of the fitness trainers are not certified and some aren’t even qualified to be in the position,” adds Ms Usha, Manager of Operations & HR at Power World Fitness (Private) Limited “with our training programs, we hope to change this and make quality training available to everyone.

Power World Gyms Fitness Academy

Who Can Be A Power World Gyms Trainer?

You don’t require fancy certifications or years of experience to become a Power World Gyms trainer. As a matter of fact, for a lot of Power World Gyms trainers, this is their first job. However, what you do require is a zeal to learn, a commitment to Power World’s values and a passion for fitness!

Power World Gyms Fitness Academy

Holistic Training

If you are wondering how a reputed fitness chain like Power World Gyms can hand over the reigns of the gyms to these relatively new fitness trainers then don’t worry. The Power World Fitness Academy runs an intense program for all its to turn all the newbies into master trainers. A 3-month long program, the classes include:

Month 1: Lecture on the basic human anatomy and physiology.

Month 2: Practical demonstration of various training principles by ace trainers from Sri Lanka.

Month 3: Gym administration and more practicals.

Unique in many ways to the Indian fitness industry, during the course of this program, the new trainers will undergo training which includes lessons from the reputed ACE or American Council of Exercise, basics of nutrition and diet by RBI and even the basics of human biology by actual doctors. You read the last part right!

Lectures by Reputed Orthopaedic Surgeon

Power World Gyms have actually enrolled the services of a reputed orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Abhijith Patel, who has over 14 years of experience in all kinds of orthopaedic operation, including emergency cases, trauma case and even spinal surgeries. Through him, the new trainers will learn about the names and functions of the various bones and muscles in the body. They will also learn about things like heart rate, blood pressure, nervous system, respiratory system and anything else that allows them to do their job better and helps you reach your fitness goals in a healthier yet smarter way. In fact, they even learn about the common musculoskeletal injuries which are likely to occur in the gym so that they can guide you properly and avoid the occurrence of any accidents.

Power World Gyms Fitness Academy

Trained by the Best Trainers in the Industry

How can any fitness trainer’s training be complete without a practical experience, right? This is where the Master Trainers step into the picture. Flown in specially from from Sri Lanka, these trainers are some of the best in the industry. Under their able guidance, these new boys and girls begin transforming into mentors and coaches who will use this knowledge one day to transform the lives of their clients.

A Word From The Alumni

Power World Fitness Academy

According to Ms Christina Debbarma, one of the students from the first batch and currently the centre manager at Power World Gyms, JP Nagar 1st Phase Branch, “Power World Fitness Academy’s training has equipped me with knowledge in various subjects like human anatomy, muscles, skeleton, and client psychology. I have learnt about nutrition, supplements and diet by a group of excellent doctors and nutritionists who are best in this city.

Christina adds, “We have been trained by some world-class mentors from Sri Lanka and thanks to them, today we are among the best in the fitness industry. We as the students of Power World Fitness Academy, are envisioned to change not only the body also lives of clients so that they can proudly say, ‘My Best Life’ after getting a one on one class with us.

We might add that today, Ms Christina Debbarma’s branch is one of the most sought-after gyms in the city and this cheery ever-smiling girl has been responsible for over a hundred body transformations in the last one year. And she’s not alone, every single Power World Gyms trainer has some form of exciting story to share about how Power World Fitness Academy has changed their lives. This is more or less in lines with the vision of the founder and Managing Director of Power World Gyms, Mr Talavou Alailima.

About Power World Founder & MD – Mr Talavou F. Alailima

Talavou Alailima pioneered the Sri Lankan fitness industry with his chain of “Power World” Fitness Centres (1994), “Edge” Sports Nutrition Supplements (2005), and “Lion Warrior” Sports High-performance program (2008). He is a US qualified Strength Training and Sports Nutrition Consultant, educated at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania USA, and holds a Master of Sports Management degree from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. In 2009, he contributed substantially to the “Manual of Sports Medicine” published by the Colombo Medical Faculty. He is an NCAA All American Athlete, South Asian Games Medallist, and the former Sri Lanka record holder for Shot Putt and Discus events.

He was the Sports Nutrition and Strength training consultant for many national level clubs, school teams and champion athletes for the past 22 years. As a member of the Sri Lanka National Sports Council, and the founder and President of the Association of National Track and Field Athletes (ANTIFA), he has influenced sports and impacted fitness in Sri Lanka in a unique and profound manner.


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