Celebrated Chinese philosopher Confucius has aptly said, “If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, or if it’s morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer”. Well not only “a kingdom”, but the kind of music a person listens to, tells a tale about his health as well!

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Music has had been an integral part of the human evolution, and history. Our human brain and nervous system can very well differentiate between music and noise, and respond to various tones, rhythm, and their repetition. We sing or hum, clap or sway, hop and dance when we listen to certain kinds of music. Our moods also have a role in the kind of music we listen to. Research suggests music benefits our physical and mental health.

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Have you ever come across a person who does not listen to music? Like breathing music comes naturally to all of us! We all may not professionally create or pursue music. But we all love music. Well some of us love music a little bit more than others, nonetheless, we all appreciate and enjoy music. Scientists are of the opinion listening to music daily for at least 30 minutes has a positive effect on our health. You may have noticed, people who listen to instrumental music generally have a very calm nature!

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Did you know music also improves your cognitive performance? Researches opine that nerve cells in the cerebral cortex are organised if one listens to music regularly. The cerebral cortex of the brain is involved with abstract thinking, speech and expression of language, voluntary movement and organisational skill. It makes sense now that I think, why some of the philosophers are well versed in music! And Lata Mangeshkar has sung in so many languages! Well, here it proves the power of music. Here are some of the benefits of listening to music:

  1. Keeps your heart healthy: Hearing music daily for 30 minutes increases the production of nitric oxide. This gas dilates the blood vessels, keeping them healthy and flexible. It also increases the blood flow.
  2. Improves your quality of sleep: Suffering from insomnia, or having trouble with sleeping? Listen to music. Researchers suggest listening to classical music is an effective way of treating insomnia. What’s more, it certainly does not have any side-effects, unlike the sleep meds.
  3. Reduces Stress: Music relaxes our muscles. Biochemical stress reducers are produced that elevates stress.
  4. Strengthens your immunity: Listening to 50 minutes of music every day produces antibodies in the body. IgA is produced in greater amounts. This antibody is the immune system’s first line of defence. Music also decreases the levels of Interleukin-6 in the body. This protein is responsible for diabetes, and heart diseases.  It is worth mentioning here one should listen to not only his own choice of music but also the music of different kinds.
  5. Keeps the brain healthy: Listening to music is said to elicit Dopamine release in the body. This hormone helps in memory and cognition. Regular listening to music lowers the risk of Dementia, Alzheimer, and Amnesia.
  6. Improves your Visual and Speech skills: As mentioned earlier, music affects the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain is related to the visual, verbal and overall sensory skills.  In a study, it has been found children of the age 4-6 who were exposed to musical training were able to read and articulate words better than others. They had higher IQs, and their visual ability was better as well.
  7. Combats depression and anxiety: Music keeps our pulse rate, sugar levels in check. It is a sound way of treating clinical depression, postpartum anxiety.

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According to Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you is, you feel no pain”. So, listen to some ‘Good Vibrations’ and keep yourselves healthy with music as your companion!

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