Artificial intelligence or AI is gathering pace across all industries,and fitness industry is not far behind. AI is transforming people’s way of living and thinking. AI helps people organize and be more punctual with their fitness regime. Not just this, AI also helps you with the information that leads you into making good decisions.

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AI in health and fitness is rapidly growing. AI has now began to be at the integral part of humans lifestyle. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken up the pace and it is becoming crucial in our daily life. AI is basically made to perform and do activities where human intelligence is required such as decision – making, translation, voice recognition etc. AI becomes your personal virtual trainer.

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AI is making our life more fun, endurable and efficient. You get all the data by just downloading an app and you are good to go! Here are a few apps which are using AI to revolutionise fitness:

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Ensa – This app focuses on engagement of user with regular health reminders. This app facilitate its users to track their health records and family as well. This app is a good combo of quality healthcare and controls cost. This app offers its users to give suggestions on the health track records basis.

FitWell – This app offers its users will customized goals, either want to be muscular, toned or just fit. It gives you a customized personal trainer from your previous performances. The app mainly focuses on personal training, fitness and diet.

Fitbod – The app gives gym – lovers and fitness freak a personalized plans so that you can efficiently do indoor exercise and stay fit.

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Boltt Sports – User can improve and make the fitness plan better and better depending on the personal data received. This app connects to variety of devices to automate feedback. This is one of the masterpiece for fitness freaks that AI can offer.

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Now you can get AI as your assistant or trainer, all in one system. To me AI is very fun and interesting concept but is it the future of the fitness industry? What do you think?

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