On 26th March, during the 42nd edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon Indians to start a ‘Fit India Movement’. While a wave of excitement ran through the Indian fitness industry, Gympik had the opportunity to be part of a special live panel discussion on DD News called ‘Charcha Mein’.

Comprising of some of the biggest names in India’s health and fitness industry, the panel which included yoga guru Nivedita Joshi, eminent dietician Dr. Kiran Diwan, weight management specialist Dr. Shobha Kaul, the Special Secretary of AYUSH Mantralaya, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Dr. V. K. Rao, an esteemed medical personality, and Gympik’s founder and CEO, Amaresh Ojha, discussed about how to spearhead the Fit India Movement.

Fitness Consciousness Amongst Indians

The topic of discussion mostly revolved around the fitness consciousness among Indians and the steps required to raise this awareness. Among the many steps being taken by the government, Ayush Mantralaya’s commitment to opening 150 wellness centres across the country stands out. Charged with this task, Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha reiterated that it will go a long way in increasing the awareness of yoga among the Indian youth.

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Live Right and Eat Right

The famed yoga guru, Nivedita Joshi, daughter of an eminent politician, Murali Manohar Joshi, spoke about the benefits of yoga. However, she cautioned the audience against expecting short-term results. Calling yoga a way of life, she emphasised on the need of a sustained and balanced lifestyle to reap the full benefits.

Meanwhile, eminent dietitian, Dr. Kiran Diwan emphasised on the importance of nutrition. She reiterated the fact that in order for hard work to pay off, it was extremely important to eat right. Calling homemade Indian food, the best meal to have, Dr. Diwan spoke about the need to avoid junk and refined flours as much as possible. Dr. V.K. Rao, another big name in the healthcare industry, backed up Dr. Kiran Diwan’s claims.

What Young India Wants

Gympik’s founder and CEO, Amaresh Ojha, hit the nail on the head when he stated that 80% of the youth who go to the gym, do so with the sole motivation of looking good. However, he stated that most Indians are still unaware of the basic facts about nutrition. Calling for a greater awareness among the youth about the various macro and micronutrients that go into achieving the dream body, he reiterated on the fact that abs are made in the kitchen.

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Citing the recent study conducted by Gympik, which showed that 53% of Indians in the age group of 20 to 35 years, lacked the motivation to stay fit, Amaresh Ojha stated that the focus of Fit India should be in bringing about a change in habit among the youth of India. Making a point about the fact that most Indians have a terrible habit of acting as their own doctors, Amaresh suggested that it is about time, we Indians start listening to experts.

Gympik’s Role in Fit India

As India’s largest fitness aggregation platform, Gympik pledges to be at the forefront of the Fit India movement. With over 3 lakh unique visitors every month, Gympik strives to provide curated and information-rich content to its audience via social media as well as it’s blog. Not just this, Gympik is constantly looking for more opportunities to further expand the fitness consciousness in India and abroad. As this movement grows, we hope Gympik will play a significant role in transforming India into a powerhouse of fitness in the near offing. Till then, stay fit and stay happy!



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