What Is It?

Fit Lounge is the answer to the prayers of the people who are bored of running on the treadmill and lifting weights, in the name of fitness. Founded by two fitness freaks, Ruchi Verma and Ananth Narayan, Fit Lounge takes the conventional definition of workout and throws it straight out of the window, replacing it with a plethora of refreshingly fun activities a.k.a fun workouts!

Fit Lounge Review

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Why Should You be Interested?

A perfect blend of weight loss and toning, Fit Lounge offers you a variety of options including Zumba, bolly rhythm, cardio kickboxing, piloxing, HIIT, Pilates, Flexifit and some more hardcore blends of cardio and strength training. Apart from working out on your physical form, you can also try discovering your inner peace through their offering of mind and body yoga.

Fit Lounge Review

The Fit Lounge team also prides itself on innovation and creativity. In fact, they come up with new choreographies and workouts every single month. At the Fit Lounge, true to its name, they also believe in providing a personal touch to all their members.

Fit Lounge Review

The team makes your goal as their goal and pushes you hard to attain the same, be it through free diet counselling or follow up calls in case of prolonged absence. In fact, each member is treated like family. They also take monthly and weekly feedback from all their members.

Fit Lounge Review

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Meet The Masterminds

Ruchi Verma and Ananth Narayan are both fitness freaks in their 40s who have not let their age come in the way of their dreams. Before starting Fit Lounge, Ruchi along with three other partners, Aarti, Neha and Archana had been successfully running Vivafit – a women-only fitness franchise for a number of years. The idea of Fit Lounge came about due to popular demand from the men, especially the husbands of the ladies working out at Vivafit who wanted something similar for themselves. This idea appealed to Ruchi and Ananth. The other reason was that Ruchi felt she had grown comfortable with running a women-only fitness centre and wanted to step out of the comfort zone. The prospect of designing a fitness program with men in it appealed to them due to the challenges involved and that is how Fit Lounge came into existence in September 2017 in Sarjapur with the latest branch in Koramangala.

The Founder’s Mission & Vision

With a diverse clientele extending from students, office goers, homemakers and even senior citizens, at the core of Fit Lounge is the simple yet powerful idea of a better and healthier India. As a matter of fact, the prices have been kept extremely comfortable, even with all its offerings which are considerable. The founders have a simple mission in life – to spread the message of health and well-being in the society so that fitness is no longer seen as a luxury in the country but a necessity. They aim to spread their wings across the country very soon!



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