4-time national level and 2-times international gold medalist in kickboxing, a celebrity trainer, and an inspiration to many, Kaustubh Bornare is a name that inspires even people from the non-fitness spheres. Ventured into training in 2014 under his coach, Kaustubh affiliated with WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) in 2016 and started his own academy, Kaustubh Bornare Kickboxing Academy in Mumbai.

The Start

Being born to a Boxer, Kaustubh was encouraged to learn Martial Arts at an early age. Time fixes everything and so it did to Kaustubh. When he joined Martial Arts school in Vileparle, he wasn’t keen on learning Martial Arts, but gradually it became his passion and he emerged as the brightest star. Meanwhile his accolades say it all when the list adorns national and international awards for his finesse in kickboxing. A passionate and enthusiastic young man with a mission to make fitness a healthy choice for all, irrespective of age, gender, and profession, Kaustubh’s work is what gives him the motivation to wake up every morning with a great vigour. When asked about how he enjoys his work, Bornare says, “People come to me when they have no hope left and when I take up the challenge to bring a positive change in their lives, the pleasure in their eyes avers that my hard work hasn’t been wasted.” Being in martial arts training for 17 years and 10 years in kickboxing made him surpass the conventional concept of success and fuel the soul to be unstoppable!

The challenges

He set off his new journey as a trainer in 2014 after taking his training ahead with Asian Martial Arts Federation, under Sensai Melwin Joseph and getting his basic Level Black Belt certification. While his training took a new turn and he finished his WAKO Certification (World Asian Kickboxing Organization) in 2016, this herculean lad started his own academy where the trainings usually take place in the open serenity of Juhu, expanded over a space of 3000 sq. ft with equipment such as road blocks, bricks, car tires, and monkey bars. Unlike air-conditioned gyms providing machinery that focus on weight loss, these kick-boxing classes provide a more natural environment which adds to the experience. Kaustubhs trains martial art at Anupam Kher’s Acting School and his classes focus on the technicality and authenticity, as this 27 years old claims the training provided to be of international standards. In addition to kickboxing, these classes also stress on functional training, weight loss workouts, and cross fit functional trainings. According to the attendees, there is always something new to learn. The workout routines are also highly personalized based on one’s capabilities and drawbacks, such as certain ailments and injuries.

Kaustubh Bornare Kickboxing

What keeps him going

A trainee, a trainer, and worshiper of his passion and profession, i.e. kickboxing, Kaustubh follows a disciplined life. He believes, “Maintaining consistency in what you are doing helps you fight the odds every day. Try being the better version of yourself by pushing your limit and amplifying your standards; and it comes from keeping a persistent outlook towards your goals.” Once a backseater in fitness, when we asked Kaustubh about how he manages to keep his journey going, he retorts, “I love challenging myself. I keep experimenting, do new things to spruce up the workouts not only for me but also for my clients. I read a lot to ensure I have the answer to each query my clients have regarding fitness.” The mantra this young kickboxing star follows is something that can inspire you to be stronger every day. He says, “Fitness to me is a way to create a stronger self. So I say, workout hard so that you look and feel a million dollar even at an old age.”

Achievements & Certifications

Even after having a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering, Kaustubh chose a career in fitness. Being born to a middle-class family, Kaustubh refused to follow the conventional perception of a ‘safe and secured life’ and listened to the call of the soul by following his passion for kickboxing. This gold medallist is a pure gold when it comes to giving a stronger edifice to his dream by earning 1st Dan Black Belt in Wako (World Association Of Kickboxing Organization), 2nd Dan Black Belt in Combat Hapkido, 2nd Dan Black Belt In Karate At Asian Martial Arts Federation (A.M.A.F.), 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate At Goju Naha School Of Martial Arts, Level One Bokwa Certified Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer from D.M. Fitness And Kickboxing Academy, Certified Kickboxing Trainer From D.M. Fitness And Kickboxing Academy and many more. His kickboxing episodes were showcased on Zee TV Lifestyle with Umang Production and a four Week Weight Buster Plan on Tata Sky Active Fitness.

Other Interests

Apart from being a hardcore fitness enthusiast and a fitness trainer, Kaustubh is also passionate about biking, adventure sports, wildlife and conservation programs. Kaustubh’s goal is to reach out more people and celebrities to teach them the right techniques of kickboxing and its impact in real life.

We are spellbound by the dedication and perseverance by this young man and we’re sure, you would get some good dose of motivation as well. The kickboxing star, as he is fondly called, ends this tête-à-tête saying, “Kickboxing is my first love and it will always be close to my heart. Kick your way into fitness, find your love for fitness and stick with it, your life will not be the same again.”





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