“If you’re having problems I feel bad for you son,

I got 69 problems but sex ain’t one!”

That’s right, unless you are a civil engineer or a CA or just plain unfortunate, chances are you have a pretty great sex life. And while no one in the world really went looking for reasons to have sex, we just wanted to let you know that apart from being the union of two amazing people, sex is also a good workout. How? you ask. Read on:

Virginity Is Not The Only Thing You Lose: Studies have found that in just one great sex session your can burn up to 100 calories! To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of cycling for 11 minutes but only a much much more fun way! So yea, sex is literally the best f*cking way to lose weight!

Reasons to have sex


Keeps Your Cravings Under Check: Did you know that regular sex can curb your fat cravings? No, you only think of yourself (and hopefully your partner), which is absolutely fine because you’re having sex mate! But on a serious note, an excess of the stress regulating hormone called Cortisol in the body makes you crave for fat and carbs. Sex acts relax your mind and keep the cortisol levels in check thus reducing your fat cravings!

Reasons To Have Sex!


Helps You Sleep Like A Baby: Apart from burning calories, a good romp between the sheets also releases the hormone Prolactin. Studies show that an increased level of prolactin is directly related to a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is what you need if want to get in shape since that is the time when your muscles repair themselves so yea, sex really helps!

Reasons To Have Sex!


Lowers Your Blood Pressure: It has been found that sex, unlike marriage, can help you beat stress and lower your blood pressure. Sex releases the oxytocin hormone in addition to serotonin, endorphins, phenyl-ethylamine all of which are associated with feelings of euphoria, pleasure, elation and a lowering of stress.

Reasons To Have Sex!


With A Great Sex Life Comes Great Immunity: The Wilkes University in Pennsylvania conducted a research and found that people who had more sex produced a higher level of antibodies called immunoglobulin A (IgA) compared to those who had little or no sex. This increases the overall immunity of the body.


Reasons to have sex

Boosts Your Self Esteem: Nothing can act as a better confidence booster than the feeling of being wanted. Numerous studies have shown the feeling of being loved and the connection shared by two people during sex goes a long way in making you feel good about yourself.

Reasons To Have Sex!


Numerous poems and stories have been written about romance, but not enough about sex because it’s still considered a taboo in our society. If only people made more love and less war, this world would be so much better to live in right? Do you want to help us create that world? Share this article on your wall and spread the message.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Frankly speaking, I had never heard about having these benefits you mentioned! Many people do not feel interested in sex regularly with their mate you could get interested in different ways for instance reading ftrue sex stories just before having sex with your partner. Regular physical exercise will enable someone to improve sex life!


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