Bogged down with the burden of responsibilities and lack of time and good sleep, women around the globe often neglect their health and post marriage lose their confidence and one of the main reasons has been cited to be: Weight Gain.

There are definitely many reasons for that but making time for fitness as a woman is the best stressbuster and a path for self realization.

I see a lot of strong women out there on the floor who are trying to prove their strength. On the other hand, there are those who are struggling to keep up with the ideal body image, but in vain. Though 60% of women still shy away from weight training and opt for easier options like the treadmill and Zumba, the misconceptions still float around great bodies seeing fitness as a challenge.

Fitness - Choice or Challenge

What keeps them at different ends? Is it their priorities or their choice or plain negligence to the right methods?

Well, for many, it’s still a choice but I am glad to see around 40 % women now giving fitness a top priority. It still seems a challenge to prioritize health with household responsibilities for many others among the rest. Even though the scenario still remains the same, the foremost positive change observed in all these years of my career is that women have become more aware and conscious about their fitness levels. It’s now beyond just looking good or getting those toned arms. Although, most of them still seem only concerned about the lower body and gravitate only at the hip adductor machine and doing crunches for days on end with no good strength even though they may be effective in a few ways. Convincing a woman for strength training has been a challenge many a times but once they hit the floor I see nothing is stopping them. From stylish fitness apparel to funky shoes and gym selfies being a part of their journey, they seem to turn more confident and bold in their personalities and this eventually becomes their choice.

Fitness - Choice or Challenge 2

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A section of them are now into serious business of bodybuilding and physique competitions across the globe. India has seen a huge rise in this sector from the past 5 years with various platforms and competitions giving importance to the women’s fitness, be it the bikini diva/ physique model/ fitness model and many more. This also comes in with its own challenges but these women move up against all odds to set an inspiration for generations to come. A perfect example of choice with a challenge.

Fitness - Choice or Challenge 3

I have always believed in hard work and dedication and it’s commendable that these women manage their homes, their jobs and yet compete because it’s all about the right balance and their choice to be fit and an inspiration.

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Fitness as a career option has taken a great turn around in the last 6 years with around an 8% increase each year with various women opting a career as a fitness professional as a coach or an athlete, again a choice to be an inspiration and work for the love of fitness.
10 years back what seemed male dominated has now turned as a career choice for women who have set a new benchmark with around 23 of them in the fitness business topping the social media handle – Instagram for female fitness inspiration. I choose to be fit and I choose to inspire those who think fitness is a challenge.

Be it career choice or the challenges in this path a woman can achieve it with elan. And this comes in so apt on this Women’s week celebrating strength and health.

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