There are all sorts of hacks, life, fitness and even cooking hacks, that are trending a lot these days. But when they come from real women it makes all the more sense. So here’s to all of you out there! Fitness hacks from real women that’ll help make your life a lot easier and better. Let’s go for it!

9 Fitness Hacks From Real Women To Make Your Life Better

To-Do List

Keep a check list of to-dos. And check workout off from the list first thing in the morning. Rumi, HR Lead of an MNC, emphasizes that in today’s hectic, schedule bound world it’s highly important to keep a check on your fitness. “Checking workout off the first thing in the morning prepares me to take on the day with a lot more energy.” she adds. When you try to postpone it to a later time there’s a lot more chances of you skipping it. So just do it first and get over. You’ll be a lot more free throughout the day. And we couldn’t agree more.

Check it off the list

Fix your Wardrobe

“As important as it is to workout is the fact that you need to look and feel good while doing it.” Maya, Marketing Head of a leading fashion organisation, has to say. Your wardrobe is one important part of your workout. Though it might seem a little silly at first but it’s true that your clothing or workout costume could be either a huge turn on or off. “Buy new clothes if need be. Get clothes that fit well and make you feel good. Loose, baggy pants vs a nice trim pair of workout leggings; the trim sexy pair wins any day!” she adds with a confident smile. Also it’d help to de-clutter your wardrobe and spare a separate shelf just for your workout clothes. You can focus only on that then.

Fix your wardrobe

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Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meals

Grub? It has to be from an expert. Diet and Nutrition Expert Sujetha says, “Always remember, it’s equally important that you fuel your body with the right diet to ensure it does well during and after your workout sessions.” Pack in advance, guys. A handful of nuts for before the workout and a small bowl of mixed berries and yogurt or protein shake after work out might work for you.

Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Meal

Pack it up in Advance

“Might sound very cliched! But hey, haven’t we been taught this since childhood, to pack the night before school? Now that we have grown up, we realise that this was a very sane advice.” says Aishwarya, Business Development Manager of a leading digital marketing firm. Keeping everything you need in one place; a towel, socks, shoes, clothes, bottle of water etc can go a long way. What more can we say, we totally agree!

Pack it up in advance

Keep an extra pair of earphones handy

How painful would it be to forget your earphones behind? Well we just don’t want you to feel it and neither does Priyanka a freelance Graphic Designer. “It can get painfully boring when you have to workout without the music there to pump you up! I can’t even imagine it.” adds she. So keep your playlist ready and an extra pair of earphone handy for those times when your earphones decide to disappear into thin air. No more excuses to bunk your workout. Period.Keep an extra pair of earphones handy

Water is Your Best Friend

Cold rainy weather or the scorching heat, hydration is a must. Nothing hydrates better than water. So if you’ve been telling yourself ‘energy drink or nothing’ then now would be the right time to change. An Associate Development Manager of a leading IT company, Vijetha says, “Grab a bottle of water and ensure you hydrate yourself properly. Even during the workout and a lot more post that.” We hope you’re sipping some right now.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Rest Day – Need of the hour

As a dedicated workout person, Priyanshi a personal fitness trainer, says, “Just because there’s a fitness goal you need to reach doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have rest days.” Hell yeah! Rest days are as important. That’s when your body recovers and rebuilds itself. And FYI it’s rest day not days! Workout, rest and relax, and repeat.

Rest day - need of the hour

Advance Planning of Workout

Always and every time! As a Content Manager of a Marketing Enterprise, Rati tells us how important it is to plan ahead. She says, “If there are already things lined up for the next day then make sure you squeeze in a dedicated slot for your workout.” True that Rati . Entire day programs could be the culprits for you to skip workouts so it’s best you plan it beforehand. If you schedule looks concrete then try to workout in the morning before everything else.

Plan ahead

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Get a Partner

“I dread the days when I have to go to the gym alone.” says Darshna, Executive of a business development incorporation. A gym buddy or somebody who enjoys the zumba sessions with you as much as you do is just delighting. Get a buddy to workout with you or even better get your partner to groove with you. “It’s always fun when you don’t have to do it alone.” she grins.

Get a partner

All real women, and we are bringing you their fitness hacks. After all it’s the least we can do to help you get there. If you have more fitness hacks like these then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. And if you like this article then don’t forget to like and share.

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