If you don’t like what you see when you look at your back in the mirror, fret not; you are just 6 moves away from it looking like bootylicious Kim Kardashian’s butt! It’s not just like that she has got that fabulous booty, of course, a lot of hard work goes on to keep them as marvellous! A workout addict that she is, Kim focuses on her glute muscles to get those shapely, toned and sexy butts. So, here are a few effective workouts for you to become the next ‘talk-of-the-town’ (you know for what reason! *wink*)! Read on!

Here are 6 workouts to shape-up your booty like Kim

Single Leg Dead Lift

Standing on one leg, lift your other leg and hinge forward. Now lock your hips and knee, making the leg straight and away from your body. While your leg is out and the other knee slightly bent, bring your both arms in the front in line with your ears. Look straight in the front, lock your rooted foot and squeeze your glute. Now, return to standing position. Perform 5 reps each side for 3 sets. You can also make this workout more challenging by adding dumbbells and according to your strength, slowly increase the weight.


It’s a total glute move! Start this exercise by coming on a kneeling position on all fours. Your hands and knees should be shoulder width apart and hands just below your shoulders. Keeping your torso tight, engage your core muscles to keep your spine and back in a neutral position. Now straighten your one leg, raise it up and out to the side of your body (45-degree angle), bringing it over the other leg and make a giant arch with it. Make sure your toes touch the floor while creating an arch with your leg.  Now bring it back to the starting position. This makes one rep. Perform 5 reps each side for 3 sets.

Bear Plank Leg Lifts

Start from being in a plank position with your arms just below your shoulders. Now lift your right leg, bending it in 90-degrees from the knee and raising it upward as high as possible. While performing this exercise, squeeze your glutes and keep your body in a straight line. While taking your right leg upwards pause for a few seconds and bring your right knee back in line with the left knee. Perform 5 reps each side for 3-4 sets.

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Deep Squats

Keeping your upper body straight and knee straightened, take your hips back. Look straight and bring your entire body completely down, almost touching the ground. Now, come back to standing position. Perform 10-20 reps for 3-4 sets according to your fitness level.

Hip Extension Leg Curl

Lie on your back with your arms out to either sides of your body and legs bent. Now, keeping your one leg straight and extended, push your hips up to make a straight line, starting from shoulders to knees. Hold this for a few seconds and then lower your hips back to the floor. Repeat 5-10 reps before switching to the other leg.

Donkey Kicks

Start on all fours, your hands shoulder-width apart, and your knees hip-width. Keep your right foot flexed and your leg bent. Then raise your right leg and press your heel toward the ceiling until your foot is directly above your butt. Squeeze your glutes and slowly return to starting position but keep your knee off the ground. Repeat 15 times before switching legs.

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Watch the video to follow proper techniques of each workout:

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.



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