The contemporary lifestyle has affected urban life for being hectic, restless and stressful. Moreover, looking out for a home remedy and applying the same in your diet or fitness regimen is always better than popping a pill for curative measures. Here we bring you a list of five health and fitness bloggers and their blogs that will help you prepare to fight with most of the health problems, suggest natural remedies and encourage you to switch to a healthier lifestyle. So, here is a list of top 5 fitness bloggers and their blogs you would like to follow.

payal bansalPayal Bansal


About the author & her blog

Payal, a Master degree holder in English is a full-time Homemaker by choice and a blogger by passion. Trendsnhealth is a contemporary Lifestyle and Health blog that provides information from health awareness to relationship, poetry to product reviews, home remedies to curative measures for health-related issues and much more.

anjaliAnjali Shah


About the author & her blog

Anjali Shah is a food writer, board certified health coach, and owner of The Picky Eater, a healthy food and lifestyle blog. Passion for healthy and tasty food coupled with a strong determination to transform healthy food into something yummy yet nutritious, inspired her to start her blog in 2001. She also writes about healthy lifestyle tips, parenting advice and other wellness related articles in her blog.

payal bankaPayal Banka


About the author & her blog

A Registered Dietician and an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management, Payal Banka is also an experienced writer and speaker. Before starting her blog, Payal wrote several health related articles for newspapers and magazines such as Lifemojo, Bangalore Mirror, Times of India, and Indian Express.

vinayakaVinayak Dougall


About the author & his blog

The three musketeers- Vinayak Dougall, Kabir Uppal and Rakaysh Chowdhary, started the blog with an urge to make fitness and nutrition accessible to common people. This team of fitness enthusiasts and qualified fitness professionals aim to simplify the preventive healthcare subject keeping the Indian audience in mind. Their blog publishes well-researched articles on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, wellness and full workout videos as well as tutorials.  

raviRavi Prakash Shah


About the author & his blog

A B. Tech Computer Science student, Ravi Prakash Shah from Assam, started his blog to reach out the young populace with an exemplary solution to the core demand of people with a message that connotes, “Stay Fit to Look good”! A fitness enthusiast and fashion lover, this young blogger creates articles related to bodybuilding, general fitness, health, fashion and style in his blog.

We congratulate these bloggers for their endeavor to make India a better place by inspiring people towards better health and lifestyle!


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