Your physical abilities are a big part of what make you successful in CrossFit, but there’s more to it than that. You habits and mindset are also a huge part of why you succeed or fail in reaching your goals. Consistency, community, being responsible, and your mindset are all factors involved in your success.

Work out with friends

You’re going to have a much higher chance of being successful in your goals if you workout with friends or other like minded individuals. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you know there are other people expecting you to show up. You’ll find yourself having an easier time sticking to your workout schedule and you’ll have more fun. It’s also very beneficial to have a partner or a team, so that you’ve always got someone who can spot you and count your reps. You’ll all benefit from being able to give and receive critique on form so you keep improving.

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Workout with friends


When you’re starting a new routine you’ve likely got a high level of enthusiasm, but that can dwindle as the weeks and months go by. “The key to sticking to your plan is creating a routine that becomes a habit, so even when you don’t feel like it, you’re still heading to the gym. Achieving this kind of consistency is how you will reach your fitness goals,” recommends Matthew Eastham, health writer at EssayRoo and PaperFellows.

crossfit consistency

Don’t be dumb

Testing your limits is good, but being reckless and taking unnecessary risks is just dumb. A simple bad decision can result in an injury that sets you back weeks, or even months. Sometimes you start your workout and you’re feeling great, so you want to push yourself. Pushing yourself is great, just be responsible about it. Don’t start off your warmup with a really difficult exercise that you should really be doing once you’re warmed up and ready to go. You can save yourself a lot of pain and time if you just take a responsible, long-term attitude into your workouts every time.

Cross fit

Don’t be tricked into thinking you’ve reached your limit

Learn the difference between actually reaching a physical limitation and your brain trying to convince you that you hit a wall. When you’re tired, you can become very open to thoughts like “This is good enough,” or “I can’t keep going.” “Always remember that this is not you talking, it’s your pain and exhaustion trying to trick you into stopping before you’ve actually reached a limit. Go into a set knowing that you’re going to hear that voice, but also knowing that those thoughts aren’t an actual reflection of your goals,” Linda Jackson, health writer at BoomEssays and UKWritings.

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Be constantly learning

A good attitude for CrossFit is to never stop learning. Being part of a workout community gives you a great opportunity to learn new techniques, workout programs, and ideas about nutrition. Keep an open mind and try and learn something from everyone in your fitness circle, if you feel they have something valuable to share and contribute in your workout routine. Also remember that the internet can be remarkable resource for learning the postures and techniques for CrossFit workouts, just keep in mind that you always consider a reliable  source. Check with your physician before jumping into a new program or diet you’ve read about online.

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There’s more to reaching your CrossFit goals than just being physically fit. Your mindset is crucial to your success. Building good habits, making smart workout decisions, being consistent, and finding a community you can learn from are all important factors that determine your success.

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  1. Hope you will keep on offering good content like this more often. I feel more and more people should know about this. Also, I agree on most of the points you have made.

  2. Consistency is the key, surely for athletes but also for all of the non-atheletes. Doing things for a certain day won’t help, it should be done consistently.


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