Well, we women have a lot of problems, and dear men, you’re not necessarily one of them! Our biggest challenge, issue, problem or any other synonym that you want to use, is our monthly cycles – Periods a.k.a chums! Painful as hell, cramping our lower abdomen and making us feel terribly sick are just a few symptoms that come gift wrapped with bleeding on those days. Well, we aren’t really here to discuss how bad it is but we want to answer the ever burning question – should you workout during your chums or not?

Here’s to all you women out there who’re struggling with this – why you absolutely should workout during your chums!


So long, annoying period symptoms!

We know you’re probably cursing us for this, but believe us, you should definitely consider working out during your chums. It’s probably the last thing you want to do but it can help relieve the PMS symptoms very effectively. The more physically active you stay the less likely you’re to experience the period cramps and pain. Your belly starts to de-bloat and the endorphins that boost your mood will help you take your mind off the uncomfortable feeling.So long, annoying period symptoms!

Try something light

No, we don’t mean clothes that are whites or shades of it! You could wear them though. But we mean your workout. Try keeping it light. For example – yoga stretches, pilates, lower intensity cardio are all great options. And one other thing, swimming. *jaw drops!* Don’t be surprised. Swimming during chums is actually a great idea. If you’re too worried about leakages (which mostly wouldn’t happen) give ‘tamps’ or menstrual cups a shot.

Try something light

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Listen to your body

Understand that your body is going through something that’s a little off beat and you have to give it the time to heal and compensate on your workout a little bit. Lighter weights, simpler yoga postures and stretches, light cardio sessions could do the justice to your health. ‘Coz no workout ain’t gonna help you hun; especially if you don’t have any cramps or bloated feeling.Listen to your body - Light cardio

Avoid strenuous workouts and the likes

You understand that your period flow is from your uterus to your vagina and out, right? Top to bottom? So, typically doing a headstand or doing anything that is getting your body inverted should preferably be avoided. No inverted yoga poses during this time, ladies! And for the dance lovers, no baby freeze.Avoid strenuous workouts and the likes

Here’s what else you should do!

Well, whatever it is, always consult your gynaecologist in case you’re not doing very good with your cycles. Eat proper meals with ample nutrition, especially iron. And just because you’ll need to pee too many times, don’t reduce your water intake. Water indeed does help relieve those cramps. You could also consider having bananas to ward off those typical PMS symptoms.

Here's what else you should do!

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Go ahead girl and conquer the world! Don’t let periods come in your way. Feel free to like and share this article with all your BFFs and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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