Yoga has been around for a really very long time. With time we are seeing more awareness spreading and yoga is becoming a favourite to many from varied diversities. From gyms to fitness centers, most places are now offering a provision for Yoga practice as part of their fitness regimen. But the best part about yoga is that it can be done anywhere; at home, in a fitness center, in a park- anywhere.

While there are some who practice yoga to relax, others turn to it for achieving their fitness goals such as weight loss, to lower blood pressure level, gain a healthy heart and the list goes on. It benefits the mind, body and soul. However there are a lot of beliefs attached to the science of yoga. And if you’re already practicing yoga or planning to start, you must be aware of the various myths and demystify them based on your own experience and observation under the guidance of your yoga guru.

4 Yoga Myths Debunked!

Myth #1:

I workout every day and so I don’t need to follow yoga as an additional fitness program.

Fact: Many of us who are gym goers may think that gym workouts are far better to achieve fitness goals rather than practicing yoga. Though such a choice may be subjective, there is no evidence that yoga doesn’t help you stay fit and healthy. Yoga might not be as intensive as running, cycling and hence may not help you burn as many calories, but the effects of yoga in the body has its toning and sculpting effects that most people swear by. However, Yoga is more than a fitness exercise; it is a spiritual philosophy and works on the mind and senses as well. It helps you achieve mental peace, improve flexibility, bring balance, strength and develop a positive attitude towards life and remain stress free.Myth-1 additional fitness program

Myth #2:

I don’t have the flexibility to do yoga and perhaps it’s for people with great flexibility.

Fact: There is a myth that overweight people are not fit to do various yoga poses. This is not a fact. Instead the yoga poses are instructed such that they can be performed by people of all fitness levels and flexibility. Rather, flexibility improves with regular yoga practice.


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Myth #3:

Yoga is not for men!

Fact: Why not? Don’t men need the flexibility and strength in their muscles? Don’t they want to be calmer? Hell yeah, they do! Whoever said this surely didn’t know that some of the most prominent yogis are men. Yoga is for everybody, and by everybody we mean every-damn-body! Men, women, children and even the elderly.

Yoga is not for men

Myth #4:

Yoga mostly involves sitting in one place and meditating.

Fact: Yoga may not involve rigorous workout, but it doesn’t mean that you just sit in one place chanting or meditating. The movements and postures followed in yoga help to increase balance and strength in life. You might not be running around or lifting dumbbells but you sure are working your body. As a matter of fact, there are some yoga poses that are really challenging. There are scientific evidences that prove the benefits of yoga in cure of musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis and cardiovascular problems like artery blockage etc.

Yoga is dynamic too

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Basically, by practicing yoga, you have a feel good emotion that helps you look younger than your age. It helps to slow down the ageing process and inculcate positive emotions within. These emotions change your way of thinking and you tend to change your lifestyle that eventually promotes a healthy way of life. Let us know if you are still nurturing any myths related to yoga, in the comments section below.


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