Did you know that nuts, being rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins, fibers and healthy fats promote weight loss and makes you feel full for longer? It is a great way to keep hunger at bay and they can sure become your BAE. Weight loss has been a dream for many and the process usually followed is dieting. But, we have tried to come up with an idea that demands you to munch on nuts rather than starving yourself. If you are planning to lose weight or have already started the process, nuts will prove to be of great help and assist you in achieving your goal faster.

Mentioned below are few of the nuts that will prove to be your BFFs and support you in your fitness journey:

Pistachios – Eat right to feel light

Overeating is the easiest method to gain weight and become fat. But, if the thought of gaining weight haunts you, Pistachios will prove to be your friend. They contain healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and higher amounts of protein that make you feel fuller. Thus, you don’t fall prey to overeating. Adding to your meal a good amount of fat and lowering your intake of carbohydrates will help you lose weight and those extra inches. Remember the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, pistachios is sure that true friend indeed.Pistachios

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Bye-Bye Hunger, Hello Pine nuts

If your concerns in life looks like this – you are ravenous too often, you want to lose weight, you can’t stop your food cravings, then this nut will solve all your problems. Pine nuts contain certain fatty acids that can help suppress appetite by making you feel fuller. The secret to pine nuts’ effectiveness is Cholecystokinin (or CCK), a hormone which sends a signal to the brain which indicates satiation. Being rich in proteins, they help you have a healthy diet without having an overdose of calories. Thus, including pine nuts will prove to be beneficial for your weight as well as health. It’s time to bid your hunger adieu by welcoming these nuts in your diet.

Pine nuts

Almonds are diamonds for health

If there is one food that shares a “one to many” relation with your health, it has to be almonds. These are low in calories and packed with useful nutrients like vitamin E, monounsaturated (‘good’) fat and fibres which help in digestion and bowel movements (It is the undigested food that turns into fat and leads to unnecessary weight gain). They are also a rich source of vitamin B and proteins that help develop lean muscle mass. The fats present in almonds help in reducing our BMI and also prevent bloating. Thus, almonds are an all-in-one solution to your problems regarding weight.

AlmondsTry Walnuts and meet the healthy you

A study published in a journal suggests that saturated fats “turn on” certain genes that store and increase abdominal fat whereas polyunsaturated fat activate genes that reduce abdominal fat and increase insulin metabolism. Therefore, you can blindly trust on walnuts as they are rich sources of unsaturated fats and thus serve the purpose of weight loss. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and fibers that help you stay fuller for longer. Next time, when hunger strikes your body, savour it with walnuts and enjoy staying fit and healthy.Walnuts

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We are sure you have got an idea of what to eat the next time you diet. But, be mindful as if you overeat nuts, it can be counterproductive. A handful of mixed nuts between meals is an appropriate amount. If you’re not too keen on variety, try a single variety depending on your goal. The idea is to go nuts but in a smarter way, choose what works best for you. If this article was interesting then don’t forget to like and share. And drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Until then, don’t forget to stay nut-ty and healthy!



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