Been hitting the gym 7 days a week and working extensively but to no avail? Did your last water diet leave you utterly dehydrated? Belly fat is indisputably the most stubborn of all body fats. In order to get rid of that muffin top once and for all, it is crucial for you to first discern the various myths that surround it.

  1. No Brainer- Eat Less.

Myth- The age-old wisdom- Drop those calories to drop those inches!

Truth- The human body requires a certain number of calories per day in order to undertake everyday tasks. Anything under that would severely affect metabolism causing the body to enter a starvation mode. The metabolism becomes such that any food that it gets, the body holds on to it and stores it as a reserve. The end result of eating less is therefore opposite.

  1. A Fat-Nut to Crack

Myth- Nuts have earned themselves a bad reputation for having a high-fat content.


Truth- This too remains but a myth as not all nuts are fatty in nature and cause belly fat to grow. While certain nuts like cashews might have high-fat content, others like pistachio might just help you in getting that flat stomach as it tricks you into feeling full!  

  1. Those 10 Minutes Abs Workout Videos!

Myth- Those ‘10 minutes abs training videos’ that promise a flat belly in just under a week!


Truth- As good as this might sound, it is, however, farthest from the truth. Abs, when done alone without accompanied by cardio or other body exercises, are mostly futile. The key to a flat stomach involves overall training and spot reduction remains but a myth.

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  1. Sleeping Your Way to Weight Loss

Myth- An 8-hour long sleep is an answer to all your weight loss problems


Truth- It is not merely 6-8 hours of sleep that is essential in order to lose weight but more importantly the quality of sleep that you get in those hours. A less stressed and restless mind would only be possible if you get a peaceful sleep at night.  

  1. The Juiciest way to Weight Loss

Myth – The ‘juice cleanse’ diets that find it’s way in every diet plan.


Truth- There is no denying the importance of fruits in our everyday diet, but not all of them are benefiting to the task of weight loss and neither do they compensate for the required calorie intake. Along with this, in the garb of fresh fruit juice it becomes difficult to detect the unwanted sugar it adds to our diet.

  1. There is no such thing as a “Beer-Belly”

Myth – Beer is the only reason for your shirt’s ‘peek-a-boo’, man!


Truth- While it is true that beer is certainly not an answer to a flat tummy, it is by no means an instigator of the belly fat. Belly fat is generally caused by food items rich in solid fats and calories. The need to keep a check on your alcohol is important for your overall healthy body and not just limited to your tummy region.

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  1. Born This Way

Myth- When heredity and genes are the only answer left!


Truth- There is no denying that genes shape our body structure and plays a decisive factor in how we look. It, however, cannot be the only reason for your belly fat and certainly can’t be used as an excuse. All such genetically perceived transmuted problems must first be attested by a physician before taking or not taking any actions.

The next time you stumble upon any advice to reduce belly fat, keep these myths and the truth behind them in mind. If in you’re on a weight loss journey and are cautious of such potholes, then with constant dedication and precautions coupled with a scientifically planned diet and exercise plan, that flat tummy would be yours in no time!

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  1. Thanks, Colin for a wonderful article! I’ve heard a lot about these myths for years and I have believed some of them to be honest. I’ve done juicing and a lot of ab exercises and even bought those ab exercise DVDs just to help reduce belly fat but sadly I still have it. I’m going to try and change my exercise routine and my eating habits.

  2. Thx Colin for good article.
    Well explain and clear the myths of the topic, especially on item 5, juice cleanse.
    its true, not all fruits benefiting the weight lost. So, it’s important to select the right fruits.
    I have tried the on-the-go easy pack juice cleanse, and achieve my weight lost. Those fruits are well selected by the scientist to deliver the best benefits of the colon cleansing and weight lost. I do not need to worry about the unwanted sugar. Get it here –


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