Pu-erh is a fermented beverage introduced in China. It possesses huge quantities of Polyphenols (Theaflavin, Flavonoids and Catechins); they are antioxidants.  Pu-erh is extremely rare since it is derived from a natural brewing procedure which oxidizes the leaves of the herbs thus boosting its antioxidant properties. Pu-erh adds to the smell and taste of tea and the longer it is kept the more flavour it will possess.

Pu Erh Tea

The benefits of Pu-Erh drink

Minimising cholesterol

It is crucial to regulate and maintain Cholesterol level since too much of it may cause serious heart problems. Microbial maturity in Pu-erh beverage might lead to the formation of Lovastatin (natural statin). At the synthetic state, Lovastin may be useful in reducing excessive cholesterol. Additionally, various tests have proved that if Pu-erh beverage is consumed in certain amount for long, it can reduce LDL cholesterol (useless cholesterol) and add HDL cholesterol (useful cholesterol).

Maintain cholesterol

Fighting cancer

Pu-erh beverage possesses strong antioxidants which assist in treating cancer. Research has revealed that taking pu-erh beverage daily might tackle free radical creation efficiently. Free radical leads to cell damages which increases the chances of cancer. The free radicals ruin the DNA of a cell and end its power to restore itself. The antioxidants in Pu-erh prevent free radicals collection ensuring the cells remain strong and get repaired when necessary.

Fight cancer

Assists in digestion

Food digestion process performs a crucial function in the system. It breaks down all food eaten, and assists in the absorption of nutrients while controlling the motion of the bowel. Consuming pu-erh beverage before and after eating food will make sure that the food is digested and eliminated properly. Taking pu-erh beverage additionally cleans the digestive tract for normal ingestion movement. It also functions as a stool hardening factor. This encourages quick and correct bowel functions.

Aids in digestion

Assists in losing weight

Researchers have discovered that pu-erh beverage ends fatty acids synthesis. This implies that it will stop the system from introducing extra fats. The lipogenesis activity (fat production by the liver) is stopped by pu-erh beverage. Additionally, the caffeine found in this drink makes the body to discharge Norepinephrine and Epinephrine hormones. Those hormones improve mobilization of fatty acids within the fat cells. This makes it simple for the body to reach and utilize the stored fatty acids as energy. Pu-erh has additionally been discovered to improve cellular degrees of HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase), that avoids visceral fat collection. HSL is an enzyme which opens fat cells making their contents get removed.

Lose weight

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Regulating blood circulation

Since pu-erh reduces cholesterol amounts in the body, it results to normal blood circulation. Blood is used for transporting oxygen all over the body. When all body organs get enough amount of oxygen, they work efficiently. This will additionally lead to high amounts of energy and good health. It will also prevent organ irregularities.

Blood circulation

Lowering stress and enhancing sleep

Pu-erh beverage possesses caffeine that makes it strange to say that it will assist in sleeping. However, the drink contains Phytochemicals and crucial microorganisms (Theanine and GABA). The two minimize tension and assist in the formation of natural melatonin within the brain. This results to minimizing of tension extents, mood stabilization and enhanced sleep sequences.

Enhances sleep

Preventing diseases

Pu-erh possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. Antioxidants are natural phyto-chemical that assists the body to combat free radical molecules and avoid illnesses. The available antioxidants are always high in concentration compared to different drinks. This is brought about by the process of fermentation which pu-erh goes through.

fights diseases


Pu-erh warms the tummy and the spleen and it is useful for ingestion and blood purification. Various items contained in food have acids and some other free radicals that might pile in one’s system with time. The deposits might later be moved all through the body and this makes it necessary to take pu-erh drink to help in cleansing the blood toxins.  Additionally, those sugars and micro-organisms created by the fermentation activity of pu-erh are believed to attack blood toxins.

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Pu-erh beverage is a great boost to the well-being of human beings, however; it is suggested to take it in moderation. If you are having any illness or are under any type of medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor first before consuming pu-erh drink. The doctor will be able to determine if the drink will be unsafe for the body or not. Also, if you intend to use pu-erh to end or manage a certain illness, consult a doctor as well. The doctor will assess your health plan and can recommend other better methods.

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