Let’s talk about an ideal relaxing day. Sounds like wine, pizza, and Netflix, right? Well, we don’t need to tell you how unhealthy junk is, not right now. Almost all the good things in life come with negative effects and that sucks. Jesus, are you hearing me? Got a long list of complaints. Who on earth thought binge-watching is hazardous to health? But Alas! We got hit hard by this fact this weekend and we’d like you to know this and be equally sad (or maybe save yourself). There are scientific studies that prove binge watching for looooooong hours can damage your health. It is unacceptable and unrealistic to believe and ask someone to cut down on watching their favorite shows, we know! Suits, Narcos, Bojack Horseman, we got a complication here! *sigh*

binge watching

With popular on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar we are spoilt for options on what to binge. Binging keeps you indoors, saves the penny on those hefty pub hangouts and gives an excuse to “chill” IYKWIM! But, it comes with a health hazard! According to studies, binge-watching causes uneasy sleep patterns, fatigue, insomnia, and pre-sleep alertness. Wait, we are not done yet.

What happens when you binge watch?

Most of the binge-watch start at late evening, post work or when you’re done adulting for the day. The binge then goes on till hours and hours until the anxiety of waking up next day and going through the hump kicks in. When you binge at night, the bright lights from our devices reduces the secretion hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the pineal gland, a tiny pea-sized gland in the brain that plays the role in regulating sleep patterns. Our brain mistakes the bright lights as day and reduces the production of melatonin, making you wide awake and engrossed in the show. You know what comes next morning, exhaustion, crankiness and gorgy mood.

late night binge watching

What are the aftermaths of late night binging?

You must be thinking that a kick of caffeine can just pull you out of the gorgy blues, and then you can get going with your work. Well, nope. Unfortunately, the negative effects aren’t this short-lived. The late night chill with your favorite shows affects your body in the long run. Your alertness decreases and your focus drops, resulting in low productivity at work and academics. Your immune system takes a back seat making you easily prone to common cold, flu, and other viruses. The chances of getting obese also increase, due to changes in hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin, that increase appetite and manages weight.


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The studies also say that there’s an increased chance of Cancer and heart diseases due to prolonged sitting for long hours. Most of the factors for these diseases are considered to be hereditary but it also depends on the behavioral lifestyle patterns.

What’s the solution to escape the perils of binging?

It won’t be fair to ask you to stop boarding the Netflix bandwagon, we don’t believe in advice that makes you do “Stranger things” in “Atypical” manner. You see what we did there? *wink* Okay, on a serious note, you can continue binging on your favorite shows but in a manner that won’t affect your health. How, you ask? Where there’s a will to chill, there’s a way to escape from the pill. The best way to catch up on binging is on weekends, that way you’re not stretching it till late night on a regular basis and disrupting your sleep pattern. Sort the basic first!

Binge watching

If at all your weekdays are mundane and you want to spice it up getting engrossed in your shows, start watching it as early in the evening as possible. And right when you feel that you’re close to hitting your bed, stop watching at least one hour prior you go to bed. It preps your brain to work it out with melatonin, giving you a good sleep.

Stop yourself right away if you’re thinking this is a millennial problem and you’re past that age to worry about such petty issues. According to the survey, the age group above 25+ have a much more difficult time getting sound sleep. With age, your sleep seems to fade and any slight discomfort results in insomnia, followed by other crucial health issues.

Do yourself a favor!

Do yourself and your binge squad a favor, pass on this not-so-pleasant but IMPORTANT piece of information and help them to manage their binge schedule. The binging won’t stop, shows keep on coming, seasons keep on releasing and if everytime we get a dollar for getting hooked to a show, we’d all have Kanye attitude.

negative effects of binge watching

So share it, like and comment what you think about it. To binge or not to binge?




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