post-workoutSummer has barely started and it’s already taking a toll on my will to maintain my physical fitness. Oh, the desire is there and it’s strong (like each determined ray of the Sun) but sadly, the body is weak and the want to rest and relax in my air-conditioned room supersedes the need to engage in a sweaty workout. But hope is there, my fitness conscious comrades. There are roundabout yet simple routes to motivate yourself to workout despite the heat. The following are a few that I’m definitely ready to try:-

Start with a cold shower: According to a German study, a lowered body temperature enhances workout performance. It lowers the heart rate and brings down the temperature of the skin and the core. If a cold shower is not preferred or if it’s something that requires a little time getting used to, an ice pack to the face and neck will do for a start.

Avoid the Sun: The best times to workout are the cool early mornings and after sun-down. Of course, there are those of us who only have the afternoons to ourselves and I hear your cry, which is why the suggestion to go to an air-conditioned gym is a pretty solid one. Else, workout indoors in a cool and temperature controlled room. I bet that’s going to beat jogging out in the sun any day.

Gradual intensity level: The level of intensity should increase gradually to make sure the body heat receives the adequate time to adapt to the surrounding heat, especially if it’s outdoors. Sudden increase in workout intensity will most likely result in dehydration, fatigue and other illnesses.

Besides the above tips, proper diet and hydration is of utmost importance. Keeping all these in mind, here’s to a season of ‘hot fitness’!