Did you know that having an improper diet in your life can negatively impact your fertility? It’s true, and some foods cause your body to experience certain issues that impact your fertility. Of course, there are many methods with which you can change your fertility ‘status,’ and most of them aren’t too difficult to incorporate into your life.

They require certain lifestyle changes that, albeit make you comfortable,ultimately negatively influence your health and body. We’ll be talking about each of these six methods in detail so you have the fullest idea regarding why they should be necessary parts of your life if you want to boost your fertility in a natural way. !

Here are six successful ways with which you can boost your fertility through natural methods.

Eat a Real Food Diet:

Abandon food items that are loaded with oil, sugar, salt or anything that doesn’t have a true nutritional value. Such food items can be shoved asides as these are considered unhealthy. I understand how difficult it can be to stop eating certain things, but if you want a healthy life and the possibility to have a child, you’ll have to give up on them. Instead of eating junk food, opt for whole grain cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry and fish, and other healthy stuff. 

Real food diet

Track your Cycles:

The best way to improve your fertility (without actually doing anything different) is tracking your monthly cycles. Through this process, you’ll find out when you are most fertile, and this is the time to  try for a baby. The most fertile days of the month come between the 10th to 14th day of the cycle, though it varies from person to person.  On top of that, tracking your cycles gives you a nice amount of control and knowledge which people usually ignore. You’ll always know when it’s time and when you’re most fertile. Also, if your period is late – you’ll know as well!

track your cycle

Cut Down on Carbs:

Some carbs are healthy, but there are more of those that aren’t as healthy as they should be. For example, white bread and white rice are terrible because it’s been refined and a lot of the nutrients are  lost in the process. Avoid pasta, cereal, and artificially flavored juices  since these aren’t healthy at all, no matter what they say on the packaging.

Beer is also a no-go (although, a glass of beer in a few days is considered okay). Sweetened yogurt and starchy vegetables should also be avoided. All of these negatively impact your fertility.

low carb

Swap Protein Sources:

Maybe a food or two that you eat on regular basis is causing your fertility to drop without you knowing about it. Start incorporating healthy protein options in your diet such as oats, broccoli, almonds, eggs, lean meat, legumes,  chicken breast etc.

protein sources

Mayan Abdominal Massage:

Otherwise known as the Arvigo Maya Massage, this method of fertility-boosting has been around for centuries. Although some people find it skeptical and not exactly effective, others have reported extreme success.

The truth is, no matter what you believe, why not give it a shot?  There are plenty of sources on how to do this massage so do your research and try it out!

abdominal massage

Add Multivitamin:

Multivitamins could help you out if you’re down on one vitamin, but you don’t know which one. However, you have to be careful with what you pick and better to consult your physician before starting with any medication.


Following all these above-mentioned tips can help you to boost your fertility naturally. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor for better guidance. Go for regular check-ups to see if your body is reacting well. For a better overall health, always try to do some exercises every day. Knowing all the do’s and don’ts can be a big help to increase the chances of becoming a parent.

Disclaimer: This post was written by our guest contributor. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.


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