post-partum-carePostpartum care that focuses on the well-being of the mother and her new-born is given a special importance in India. According to medical science, it is true that depriving a mother of a healthy diet while breastfeeding would not have a positive impact on the new-born’s health, and, hence, choice of healthy food is essential to help rejuvenate the mother and baby’s health. Since most of the women in those days were stay-at-home mothers, they had the privilege to look after their nutritional needs required for nursing and to stay fit.

Working mothers may not have similar privilege to build a lifestyle that encourages adequate postpartum care. She understands that a nutritious diet and staying fit is good for her and the baby, and also the negative health impact of certain foods on her new born. In the absence of an expert guidance and lack of time due to her busy schedule, she fails to focus on these concerns and may eventually deprive herself of the required postpartum care.

Lifestyle choices

Working mothers are busy; nevertheless, there are many options these days that could be explored to stay fit and healthy despite a busy working schedule.

Though busy with her professional life, she understands the need of nourishing herself with proper portions of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fluids while breastfeeding. Now how much of these nutrients is required? What should be the meal pattern? Yes, smoking and alcohol is bad while nursing, but how will she let go off these habits all of a sudden? She needs to get back to work immediately after childbirth and nourish herself and her baby? These and many more concerns arise and, in the absence of an expert guidance, these remain unanswered. Moreover, there are many misconceptions surrounding breast feeding and weight loss.

post-partum-healthNot that women in olden days had a solution to all their postpartum concerns, but they did have the guidance of an elderly at home or the local midwives. This disciplinal succession seems to be fading with time; nonetheless, there are experts in the field of nutrition and diet that specialize in postpartum care and breastfeeding nutrition to answer the concerns of the modern day nursing mother. Besides, in urban areas there are fitness centers with certified professionals under whose guidance the nursing mother can be motivated to achieve her fitness goals despite her busy work schedule. What’s more, technology has made it easy to access such expert guidance with just a click of a button! With easy access to fitness and wellness portals, you have an option to hire your own nutritionist or a fitness instructor and get answers to your postpartum needs.

So if you are a nursing mother but find no time to cope up to the required nutritional needs, encourage yourself to explore the various expert guidance available on different online fitness platforms and motivate yourself to eat healthy and stay fit. For you and your baby.


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