Eating Healthy shouldn't be Depressing and we understand that!

Know the science behind consuming carbs, good fats, protein that constitute a major part of your diet. No alluring guarantees, no false hopes, we guide you to eat the right way!

you should be concerned

About your diet if

Working out but not seeing any results.
Planning to lose weight in a healthy manner.
Underweight and want to gain.
Diagnosed with any medical condition.
Planning to lose post-partum weight.

we will never ask you

to do any of these



From your diet


to lose weight


to lose weight
Repress your


Bid adieu to

dining out

with your gang
Rely only on

soups, salad & juice

Bury your

love for

sweet dishes



Monthly program
  • Customized 4 Weeks Diet Plans
  • 4 Follow Up Calls
  • Indian Healthy Recipes
  • Limited Whatsapp Support

₹ 1499.00

Quarterly program
  • Customised 12 Weekly Diet Plans
  • 12 Follow up calls
  • Indian Healthy Recipes
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support
  • Monthly Exercise Plan
  • 3 On-call Workout Assessment

₹ 4500.00 ₹3499.00

Half-yearly program
  • Customised 24 Weekly Diet Plans
  • 24 Follow up calls
  • Indian Healthy Recipes
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support
  • Monthly Exercise Plan
  • 6 On-call Workout Assessment

₹ 9000.00 ₹6499.00

wondering which package would suit you best?

Our champs will guide you to find the best plan. Contact Us NOW

meet our


Ms. Sujetha Shetty

Sujetha has a Master's degree in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Manipal University along with 6 years of experience in diet counselling. With a passion for health and wellness, her focus is on making healthy diet an easier choice. She provides her clients with guidelines rather than rules, to ensure food changes are only positive.

She has also been mentioned in publications like Femina, Cosmopolitan, London Glossy, Business Standard, NDTV-Food, Indian TV news Podcast which makes her an ideal guide to a healthy diet that works for you!


Certified diet coaches


Fitness coaches


weight lost


Lives transformed

Samrat Chakraborty

After taking The Clean Bowl diet consultation from Gympik, I can clearly see the difference in my lifestyle. Junk foods and untimely eating habits have stagnated my stamina, flexibility and strength. I can see the changes related to my workout sessions, my weight loss and overall well being after I was introduced to The Clean Bowl. There’s a challenge to do better every day that makes me feel good about myself. Thanks to Gympik and The Clean Bowl.


I would enthusiastically recommend getting a diet consultation especially through Gympik. When I decided to eat right along with hiring a personal trainer who would also focus on my food logs along with my fitness regimen, Gympik came to the rescue and there's no looking back since then. I lost approximately 7 lbs and I have wonderfully improved my lifestyle.

Sanjana Ramesh

Being an active basketball player, I consider my diet as an important factor. 'The Clean Bowl' by Gympik came as a rescue when I was looking to bring some changes in my existing eating habits according to my sports activities. I can't thank them more for making a customized diet plan for me, that not only improves my sports performance but also takes care of my nutrition needs too. Kudos to team Gympik for showing me the right way to stay healthy!



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1. How does ‘The Clean Bowl’ plan work?

Obviously, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ policy, neither do we have a templated plan! Once you buy the right Nutri-Bowl, our nutrition expert will call you to understand your eating habits and health goals. And post that, your customized diet chart will be created.

2. Do I have to eat less to lose weight?

No, You don’t have to eat less to lose weight, instead eat right. Dedication to exercise and good nutrition will make you reach your goals easily!

3. Can I lose weight through diet alone?

Losing weight should be a complete process in which eating right and daily physical activity should be included. 80% of the entire process starts from eating right and 20% of it is keeping an active lifestyle. So, you should ensure the balance between these two components are met for a healthy weight loss.

4. I am a vegetarian. Will this diet plan work for me?

Yes it will. Our dietician will take a recall of your dietary habits and then modify it to provide you with a customized diet plan based on your food habits.

5. How long will it take for me to lose weight?

When we talk about losing weight, things like one’s body type, medical conditions, weight, physical activities etc. should also be considered along with the prescribed diet. Hence, the time can vary from one person to another.

6. What can I do if I'm not losing weight following this diet?

Apart from following a healthy diet, things that should be taken care of include commitment, sincerity, and timely food consumption. If you are following all these, you should be able to meet your health goals.

7. Will I get my money back if I don’t lose weight by following this diet plan?

Oops! Sorry, we don’t have a money refund policy.

8. If I have any medical condition, will this diet still help?

Oh yes! The diet plan will be framed taking your medical conditions into consideration.

9. Is weight loss guaranteed if I follow this diet?

As we said earlier, not just the diet, your weight loss also depends on your dedication towards following a healthy lifestyle and controlling the portion size.

10. I am a vegan, will this diet plan work for me?

Yes, it will. Our dietician will take a recall of your dietary habits and then modify it to provide you with a customized diet plan based on your food habits.