Nowadays, you have undoubtedly heard about meditation from various folks. People like it due to its benefits. It is most famous among females who are curiously caring about their skin and mental health. However, several guys wish to understand it thoroughly before starting to it. It is being processed in distinct religions.


What is Meditation?

It is a continuous practice to train your own brain and thoughts to perceive a healthy sense. Meditation is not concerned to transform a man into a fit person. Despite it may be achieved if you train your mind to think in such a way. This process raises awareness and focus. Furthermore, meditators exercise to establish their observation also.

Advantages of Meditation

Even though it is primarily proposed to habit a human mind for positive thinking for any matter came forward in life. Along with this, there are more other benefits you can avail through it:

  • Reduce stress
  • Control anxiety
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Increase attention span
  • Establish kindness
  • Boost the power of fighting from addiction
  • The cure for a sleep disorder
  • Helpful for controlling blood pressure

Expert suggests more comfort and advantages, but some folks may deny them.

Your Type of Meditation

While in the beginning, a meditator assumes that it can be done through a single method only. However, after spending enough time, he/she may know that there are several branches, and procedures. Some of the important ones are as follows:

1. Focus-Attention

It is a unique type of meditation. In this session, a meditator learned how to concentrate on a particular goal. The focused entity could be defined as any part of your body or some external object. It might be a mantra, something you observe and a process of visualization or breath. With times, when a beginner becomes an expert, his ability to handle these activities gets stronger. Furthermore, he/she will not easily distract with external happenings.

This exercise is useful for those who wish to retain their attention. Things in their surroundings, people, and little incidents disturb and divert their focus.

focus meditation


  • Loving Kindness Meditation,
  • Chakra Meditation,
  • Sound Meditation,
  • Kundalini Meditation,
  • Samatha (Buddhist meditation)
  • Pranayama,
  • Mantra Meditation,
  • Some forms of Qigong,
  • Some types of Zazen,
  • And many others.

2. Loving-kindness

The ambition of a person through meditation is to manufacture the feeling of love, sympathy, and kindness for everyone and everything. Such a guy can start processing this mantra. A practitioner is targeted to open his brain to receiving loving kindness for a specific case or person even for the enemy as well.

love and kindness

The person who wishes to develop such feeling and positive thinking can have to exercise daily. He has to take a deep breath and send a message to his mind in order to achieve it. The message may contain either instruction to think positive or to dig and construct affirmative reasons behind that bad action. Moreover, this is not a one-time process. You need to repeat it until getting a mastery.

3. Breath awareness meditation

It is a kind of careful meditation that empowers relaxing breath.

An individual has to inhale and exhale each breath slowly and diligently. Moreover, the inhaled segment must be in-depth, then hold it inside for a while, and then discharge gradually. Count every single respiratory flow. The objective is to concentrate just on breathing and to disregard different contemplations that enter the brain. I knew that this is not too easy, but practice makes a man perfect.

It incorporates a decrease in tension, upgrades focus, and more remarkable enthusiastic adaptability.

4. Mindfulness meditation

It is another branch of brainwork which is famous among Buddha lovers. The purpose of this process is to fill carefulness within you. Mindfulness meditation would be a path to awareness about how a brain works. After consuming a significant time, the human mind begins overcoming discomfort, anger, jealousy, prejudice, and unpleasant feelings. Our thoughts then gradually start accepting better characteristics and happy attitudes.

mindful meditation

The process includes sitting at the place where no one would disturb you. Your posture will not irritate you that divert your thoughts to change the position or location. Now try to concentrate on body relaxation. An expert writer of Australian Master composed a thesis and tell:

“More you think not to consider, the more you are considering it. During meditation, people try to vacant their thoughts from the atmosphere. However, it is a more disturbing act. The best practice is to leave the brain what it is processing. After sometimes, the mind can focus on emptiness. When you reached this stage, initiate the mindfulness journey that leads you to success.”

Numerous professional emphasis on a posture in which a practitioner should keep his/her back straight for a long duration. So, he/she can pay attention to breathe & silence.

5. Transcendental Meditation (TM)

In 1995, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from India presented a Mantra. Lot practitioners exercise the same method and believe in favorable outcomes. Moreover, several students and PhDs have analyzed it and share their views.

Legally there are some licensed teachers who can tell you and train you through each step. You have to pay their service fee. It is your luck to find anyone who can guide you voluntarily, without any charges. Furthermore, you can check YouTube videos also.

transcendral meditation

There is another comparative method, called Natural Stress Relief, which was made in 2003 by a previous TM Teacher, and is a lot less expensive to learn. Well, in simple, it is ideally a 15 minutes exercise, twice a day. A mentor provides distinct mantra to different people based on their gender, age, and other characteristics.

6. Chanting Meditation

Hindu customs prescribe reciting a unique mantra. During chanting, a human brain should have to pay attention to the melody and sound of the word. It is also popular in the Western tradition. They also get help from the word “OM” with stretching the voice of “M”.

The individuals who appreciate reciting meditation frequently find that their training develops a serene, yet alert, perspective. As a profound practice, it encourages further mindfulness and a more grounded association with positive human characteristics, for example, empathy and certainty. Similarly, as with any obvious spiritual practice, it is critical to locate a certified educator.

7. Yoga Meditation

There is a wide range of yoga styles. Every style needs to handle the flow of breath. The ultimate goal of this practice is to control the brain and keep it relaxed. The trainer focuses on teaching the meditator to concentrate on avoiding distraction first. This is a tough and time-consuming stage. Once, the ability to ignore such elements established then the next steps are easy. Balancing the thoughts, enjoying the moments, and paying attention to own self are some of the targets.

yoga meditation

Your Approach:

It is crucial to get aware of your own abilities, problems, and limitations to be confident about which pattern is suitable for you. The best selection will make you achieve the desired results. Never assume that you can become a master within a night or in a month. The more you go in deep, the more fruits you can able to visualize.

Furthermore, the experts of meditation recommend preparing yourself for a year. After first a year, you will be eligible for knowing which technique will be beneficial for you.

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