When you see celebrities like Bipasha Basu (or) Deepika Padukone working out at the gym and looking flawless after sweating out, doesn’t your soul cry for that magic wand which can give you that fresh dewy look? Of course, it does! Coz, you would not like to look fagged out in an all sweaty mess, right?

So, all the beautiful ladies out there, we hear you! Enliven your body, look a million dollar and shine all day with these easy hacks. You may thank us later for this!

Looking good after a workout

1. Clean That Sweat Mess

After a sweaty workout the first thing to do is to let your body calm down and relax. Sip some water to hydrate your body or glug that energy drink to perk your body up. Wipe off the sweat and splash some water on your face and neck. This washes out dirt and grime and cleans your pores, giving an instant freshness boost to your face. For the rest of your body, use gentle wet wipes or you can also use baby wipes to freshen up your sweaty limbs, if you are too lazy to take a shower at gym.

Clean that Sweat Mess

2. Lift Your Locks

Your scalp and hair get equally exhausted as your body and need some instant clean up.  By the time you finish your workout, your ponytail gets loosened up and smeared all over your face mingling with the oil, dripping sweat and dirt. To avoid this whole unclean affair, tie your hair properly, go for easy hairdos like a bun or braid, use hairpins to tuck growing hair and stop it from falling on your face. Running dry tissue paper or dabbing baby powder on your scalp will help absorb sweat. You can always use a dry shampoo after workout to bring back the luster and shine.

Lift your locks

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3. Post Workout Care

This essential part goes a long way if followed stringently. Especially at the gym, not many will be able to keep this up due to restrictions on time and amenities. If you can, use a mild scrub on your face to excavate dirt and impurities and allow it to breathe. After this, you can apply some water based moisturizer or skin gel to make your skin look hydrated, supple and glowing.

Post workout Care

4. De-odor Your Body

All goes down the drain when your sweaty body stinks! Wipe off the sweat with baby wipes or wet skin wipes and spray some cologne or body mist to tart up your spirit. You need it after a vigorous workout session to feel fresh and lively.

De-odor your body

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5. Pretty It Up

Now that your body is fully energized after workout, it needs some minimalistic attention that will brighten you up. Keep it as simple as possible and let your inner glow do the wonder. Take a little amount of baby powder on your palm and apply it all over your face and neck to get a fresh look. Apply some tinted lip balm, flash a lovely pout to the mirror and you are good to go!

Pretty it up

6. Carry A Set Of Clothes

You would not like to look like a sweaty mess post workout, right? Slide into the changing room to change into fresh clothes when you are hard pressed for time for a shower. This will stop bacteria growth on your skin, make you smell and feel fresh.

Carry Extra Set Of Clothes

Next time you hit the gym, do remember to give yourself a beauty boost and pull off that fit and stunning look that radiates health, glow and feel as fresh as a daisy sans grease and grime.


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