The trend of following high protein diet for weight loss has taken the world by storm. But, before we choose to recommend this high protein diet, we would like to discuss the effectiveness of this diet and leave it on you to take the right decision, whether it is for you or not.

Let’s see how your body reacts when you are on a high protein diet.

 You feel fullerFeel Fuller

Our body needs protein to grow, develop and maintain each and every part of our physical structure. Protein gives you the highest level of satiety as this slows down digestion and makes you less prone to hunger pangs. Hence, when you are going on a protein diet, it stays in your system for longer, which means you cut down on consuming extra calories. The requirement of protein can vary depending on different body types, body weight, fitness level, gender, and age. So before following any protein diet, it is better to consult your doctor first.


You burn more calories

burn caloriesWith about 30 percent of thermic effect, protein helps you burn 30 percent more calories than the times when you consume fat and carbohydrate rich foods. Foods with higher thermic effect make the body use more energy in bringing those foods into digestible and absorbable components. Since the molecular processes of the body are controlled by proteins, a high protein diet could help in shooting up metabolism. Moreover, studies have shown that consuming high protein diet helps boosting body’s metabolism three times more as compared to normal carbohydrate and fat diet as the amino acids present in proteins work as the catalysts of metabolism.



You burn more fat

burning fat

Science says that our body burns and uses fat as energy only with the help of either protein or carbohydrate. Protein intake spikes your metabolism and fuels fat burning process. A high protein diet is beneficial for people who follow a regular fitness regimen that focuses on strength training and muscle building. It helps in repairing and growing muscle mass and also helps in shedding extra fat. Moreover, consuming high protein and low carbohydrate diet can help decreasing body’s insulin level and increasing glucagon level, and ultimately storing less body fat.

When we talk about protein, we don’t mean to disappoint vegetarians at all! See this article to find out more options for protein rich foods if you are a vegetarian. And non-vegetarians should choose lean, fat trimmed and skin-less meats and low-fat dairy, nuts, and eggs to maximize the benefits and reduce the health risks. Healthy proteins with proper diet plan tailored according to your body type help you reach your weight loss goals faster and keep you away from chronic diseases.

Let us know if we missed on any important points and don’t forget to share the article with your friends if you find this article helpful. Till then, stay fit, stay healthy!



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