Lord Shiva – the supreme being, the creator, transformer and protector of the universe, is often visualized as the yogi and adiyogi. Yogi, for his ascetic life on Mount Kailash and Adiyogi for being the God of meditation, yoga, and arts. A study into his life would enrich you with the insightful lessons that you can take away from it. With Shivaratri round the corner, it makes more sense to talk about the abstrusity of his virtuousness. It is the day marked as a remembrance of “overcoming darkness and ignorance” in the world.

Celebrating this day, we thought of highlighting the morals Lord Shiva has to bestow on us and make a Shivaratri special post. So, here we are, demystifying the lessons which Lord Shiva’s mien carries. Read on to find out the things you should learn from Lord Shiva:

Hair for the Unison of Body, Mind and Soul

We are bestowed with immense power and capabilities and we also have the potential to achieve all that we set our mind to. We possess the desired attributes to create and give something new to the world everyday. But, we can bring these imputes to use only if our mind, body, and soul all work together. The unison of the trio is important for the optimum use of our skills and exercising, yoga and meditation are some of the great ways to achieve it. Once achieved, we can experience peace and de-stress our lives from all the unnecessary clutters and, perform better.Hair for the Unison of Body, Mind and Soul

Trishul for Self-control

Uncontrolled ego can become your foe and lead you to the most disastrous situations possible. The best way to achieve anything to everything in life is, self-control. If you have complete control of your mind, intellect, and ego you can achieve all that you set your mind to. Having control and balance of your soul is the highest form of freedom that you can gift yourself. This freedom will set you free from any addictions, obsessions and give you the complete hold of your life. This means that you will be the creator of your fate. Sounds interesting, right! And to add the cherry on the cake, you just have to practice yoga, meditate and exercise to achieve this kind of elusive freedom.Trishul for Self-control

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Meditative pose for Calmness

Calamities pass if we let them pass calmly- that is what the meditative pose of lord Shiva preaches us. Staying calm not only helps you in adverse situations but also keeps your mind intact. It keeps the tautness at bay and helps you stay focused. Calmness helps you take better decisions and outperform yourself. So, the next time you feel agitated, meditate and soothe your mind to stay in control.Meditative pose for Calmness

Third Eye for Third Impression

In between what is said and seen lies a story that’s unseen. The third eye of lord Shiva is a symbolic representation to understand things better by giving it a second opinion. Seeing things from a different angle will help you in responding and not reacting to what comes your way. No, it is not a superpower, it’s just a way to be more empathetic. You can achieve this mindfulness through meditation- it will help you stay calm and surpass beyond expectation.Third Eye for Third Impression

Blue Throat for Construed Wrath

Lord Shiva, the transformer, converted something as destructive as the venom and transmuted it to be a part of his beauty. That is what we are supposed to do with our negative attributes like anger. At times, our ill health is the result of our furiousness and vice-versa (anger leads to diseases like high blood pressure, insomnia etc). So, the next time when you feel furious, try going for a jog or workout to convert all your energy to a driving force that lead you towards good health.Blue Throat for Construed Wrath

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We are sure, after reading the many benefits and lessons you might have leveled up your fitness game. If you haven’t already, put your fitness shoes on. We wish you a happy and healthy Shivaratri! For more information on health and fitness or if you wish to avail gym memberships and personal training services, connect us at Gympik


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