Life starts after forty. By that time, most of us are settled into familial obligations, have a set routine, and understand the world inside out. With an evolved view of the world around, we start enjoying every bit and relish whatever comes our way.

However, this is also the time our body starts to show the signs of wear and tear, heralding the arrival of lifestyle diseases. Our recklessness of the youth in regard to health care, bad food choices, unhealthy habits start showing the signs. Hence, we are bound to see body plagued by conditions we least expected.  

fitness for seniors

We reach to the stage of mid-life crisis from health perspective as the body tells us that the time has come to take adequate care. This is when most of us start getting regular health check and adopting an active and wholesome lifestyle.   

If we are careful after 45, we can easily keep common health concerns at bay forever, as long as they can kept there. We should be in constant touch with the doctor, abide by their recommendations and eat and exercise well to keep enjoying the fruits of life.

Here are some of common health problems people face after 45 –   

Aches and pains

Aches and pains become the inevitable companion of us as we age. Whether it’s knee pain from arthritis or back pain, we just can’t avoid them owing to our hectic lifestyle. Similarly, the risk of spondylitis is higher than even before to a generation doing sitting jobs day-in and day-out. With long sitting hours at the office, poor posture is almost unavoidable. However, regular exercise and a wholesome diet can help us minimize the risk of aches and pains in the body in our mind 40’s onwards.

back ache and pain


Who is not stressed out these days! Life is tough and keeping pace with it takes a heavy toll on us. In fact, it comes with so much burden to break our back literally. Hardly a day goes when we don’t fret, fume, rant or stress over one thing or other. The sheer pace of the world itself is enough to send us into the bout of stress. To handle the stress, we must change the track of life and include moderate exercise like walking, cycling, running etc. Do yoga or meditation, sleep well to stay mentally fit.  


Hypertension and cholesterol

The heart is perhaps at the biggest risk as we age. Hypertension and cholesterol are two most common problems that get to the heart. Worse still, they have the potential to cause other serious heart issues including heart attack and stroke. So, if you smoke, ditch the habit altogether. If you eat oily items a lot, cut back on the daily intake. After reaching into 40s, make sure to have regular heart check-ups and get cholesterol tested regularly.

hypertension & cholesterol


The menace of diabetes has engulfed the world. People in the age group of 45 to 65 at more prone to this problem. The causes of diabetes are of own making as unhealthy food habits, bad lifestyle, obesity and stress are something we can control easily. We can keep the risk of diabetes to a low level if we start managing an active lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, check our blood sugar levels regularly.  



When we’re in the 40s, our bone density will decease gradually making us lose the bone strength. And when bone strength weakens, the risk of developing osteoporosis grows. Lack of calcium and vitamin D is one of major reasons behind this problem in men. You can consult the doctor and know the right diet and supplements for keeping the bone strength in right health. Getting sun exposure every day will also help a lot in meeting the body requirement of calcium and vitamin D.


Poor vision

Age is marked by poor vision and we know that well. Our vision starts to worse when we reach in mind 40s. Apart from age, poor diet and bad lifestyle coupled with constant exposure to screen like TV, mobile etc. may also make the problem worsen. We should first get the eye checked regularly and ask the doctor to recommend good diet to improve the vision.  

Poor vision

Stain and yellow tinge to teeth

Our teeth turn yellow with age. This is normal and we should not worry a lot. Stain and discolouring to teeth with advancing age is natural and you can consult the dentist for treatment. Gum problems however should worry you as it can lead to other serious health concerns.

teeth stain


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