Housing offices of over 250 of the Fortune 500 companies, and with a population of over 15 lakh from all over India, Gurgaon has truly emerged as a melting pot of cultures and a destination for dreamers. At spearhead of Indian IT revolution, the Millennium City is about to witness another revolution – a fitness revolution and pioneering this revolution is the Power World Gyms!

Started by Mr Talavou Alailima, a South Asian Games medallist and a NCAA All-American Athlete, Power World gyms is one of the biggest health and fitness players in Srilanka. Power World’s chain of gyms began their foray in India with 20 locations across Bangalore with an aim to empower its members to take control of their health and lifestyle.

With their pocket-friendly fee structure and kickass quality, Power World gyms were very well received by Bangalore’s fitness community. In fact, people loved it so much that in less than a year Power World Gyms already has close to 10,000 members across Bangalore! If this is not a revolution, we don’t know what is! And now with the planned 20 centres across Delhi NCR including Gurgaon, Power World seems all set to repeat this feat!

So what makes Power World such a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts? Let’s find out!

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Value for money:

Power World aims to provide quality and affordable fitness solution to its members at a super affordable price. This includes state-of-the-art equipment, certified trainers and even an in-house nutrition counselling. They even have a body fat analysis machine so that you can track your body fat percentage accurately. All this at a mere Rs. 6500* (+taxes) per year! You read that right…Rs. 6500* per year!

Kickass trainers:

Have you had those moments at the gym where your trainer doesn’t know what he is doing? Well, definitely not at Power World! In fact, Power World takes the ‘train the trainer’ concept to the next level. Every fitness trainer at Power World has undergone an intense 6-month course at the Power World Fitness Academy learning the theoretical as well as practical aspects of fitness. They are even taught the basics of human anatomy by doctors!

‘Help Me!’ Badge:

New to the gym and can’t tell the difference between squats and push-ups? The ‘Help Me!’ badge is all you need! In line with Power World’s vision of “fitness for everyone”, the ‘Help Me!’ badge is a unique concept which helps the trainers pay attention to the members who really need it. This, in essence, does away with the concept of a personal trainer and allows an equal atmosphere for all the members.

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Extensive collection of equipment:

If, after looking at the price tag, you are already making judgements about the quality and quantity of the equipment then don’t! Power World gyms do not compromise an iota on the quality or the quantity of the equipment. On the contrary, Power World has one of the most extensive collections of equipment on par with most leading gyms in the country. In fact, due to a huge collection of equipment at the gym, members do not have to wait for an equipment in a queue, unlike many other gyms. Couple that with large spacious interiors and you have the perfect setup for an amazing and uninterrupted workout session.

These are only a few of the many reasons as to why Gurgaoites ought to be super excited about the opening of Power World in their neighbourhood. We wish the Power World team all the very best and hope that they are able to replicate their Bangalore effect in Gurgaon as well!


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