You’re life partners, why not lifestyle partners (a healthy one, that is)? Snuggling in the couch everyday and watching ‘Gone with the Wind’ sounds pretty tempting – we know. But that couch could soon be too small to accommodate both of you, if you know what we mean. It’s important that your fitness takes the front seat and starts driving you and your partner into being a healthier self!

If one of you is regularly working out, you should convince your partner to join you before both of you join the “not-working-out” group. If neither of you works out, one of you should take the initiative to start. And if your partner sees your body getting into good shape (not to mention desirable), the motivation is set in motion without so much as a word.

Couples' Workout

So, why workout with a partner?

Having an exercising partner is a great way to get rid of excuses to skip workout. If one goes, the other will follow suit. Moreover, the benefits you reap from this fitness routine will give you a reason to move on each time you feel like quitting. The benefits we speak of, include improved health, proper diet, younger looking AND younger feeling you, and these are just to name a few. Gifting your children with the motivation to also be in shape is the cherry on top!

Exercising with a partner is always better than exercising alone for so many obvious reasons. Especially, when your workout partner is your significant other, it’ll be a really fun and healthy way to connect. Also, a bit of sexy, flirtatious moves can work wonders for both of you and leave you guys wanting for more. *wink*

If you haven’t tried it yet then there’s no time like the present! So, here are some of the best couples’ workouts that you can try with your better half and enjoy that extra time together.

Couples' Workout

Let’s know about the Couple Workouts

The cloud-nine workout

Equipment: None
Targets: Glutes and legs
Reps: 15The cloud-nine workoutStand in front of your partner, or facing each other, at least two feet apart. Get into squat position, arms bended at chest level, palms out. Let your partner jump with hands extended overhead. As soon as he/she lands, it’s your turn to jump. Repeat this squatting and jumping till each of you complete 15 jumps.

The meet-me-halfway workout

Equipment: Medicine Ball
Targets: Shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs
Reps: As Many Rounds As PossibleThe meet-me-halfway workoutStand back-to-back with your partner and lower yourselves into squatting position, leveling your glutes with your knees. Let your partner hold the ball in both hands while you hold your hands in a catching position in front of your chest. This is your starting position. Your partner must twist his body from the hips to the left to give you the ball, while you twist to the right to receive it. Switch and repeat.

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The give-and-take workout

Equipment: Medicine Ball
Targets: shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs
Reps: As Many Rounds As Possible

give n takeStand back-to-back with your partner, one foot apart. Let your partner hold the ball overhead while you extend your arms to receive it. Both of you will then have to bend forward as you pass the ball between your legs while your partner receives it. Repeat for as many reps as you can.

The intimate-harmony workout

Equipment: 2 resistance bands
Targets: biceps, abs
Reps: As Many Rounds As Possible

harmony workout (1)Sit on the floor facing each other with your legs positioned apart, and your feet touching your partner’s. Hold one end of each resistance band and let your partner hold the other ends. Start with your elbows glued to the sides and your arms leveled with your stomach. Lean backwards with your back making a 45° angle with the floor as you raise your arms toward your chest.

This should be done simultaneously with your partner. Lower your arms again and repeat.

The through-ups-and-downs workout

Equipment: None
Targets: shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs.
Reps: As Many Rounds As PossibleThe through-ups-and-downs workoutStand facing each other, extend your arms and grab each other’s wrists. Raise and extend your left leg while your partner does the same with their right leg. Slowly, get into squatting position while keeping the legs raised. Stand straight up and repeat the routine with the other leg.

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If you happen to try any of the workouts, keep your comments coming (you can exclude those steamy moments though). We hope that these workouts will be an add on to the list of your special and adventurous moments. You can also visit to connect with personal trainers in your area and work out with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home and your convenience!


  1. Nice!! Thanks for sharing the information. Couples can exercise with their partner at home or in the gym. To achieve that long-pending fitness goal, there are fun workout sessions you can do together. I would suggest to follow the instructions to my friends.


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