Choosing the right gift is a rare and mysterious skill that only a few are blessed with! But when the receiver is a fitness freak, one can only imagine the turmoil. Fear, not young padawan! After stalking countless fitness freaks, sneaking around hundreds of gyms and eavesdropping on a thousand conversations, we have successfully compiled a list of gifts for your fitness freak friend that will make them fall in love with you.

Bluetooth Headphones

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

No matter if they love to run cross country or lift herculean weights for fun, most fitness freaks we have spoken to agree that this is one of the greatest gifts they have ever received. Not only does music keep them motivated but because they are wireless, they can now chill with their favourite track with the fear of tearing the wires! Bonus points if they are waterproof. If you are wondering about the size of the hole this will burn in your pocket…the good news, you will easily find a respectable pair for less than INR 10,000!

Fitness Trackers

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

Not just popular with fitness enthusiasts, the fitness trackers have taken the world by the storm. Not only do they help your friend keep a track of their movements but they also help them monitor the calories burnt and even their sleep! They also easily sync with any smartphone which makes the whole process easier. The best part? You will get some amazing brands under INR 5000!

Smart Sports Watch with GPS and Compass

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

If budget isn’t a bar, here’s something that your friend will cherish for a long time to come! Smart watches like Garmin Vivoactive are a tad expensive than the other equipment on this list. However, they make up for their higher price tag with their handiness. With these, your friend can not only accurately measure and track themselves but the inbuilt digital compass can be really handy on long treks. In addition, some of the more expensive variants also incorporate the technology to measure the maximum amount of oxygen your body is able to consume. Cool right?

Running Shoes

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a good pair of running shoes! Not only will good running shoes keep your dear friend comfortable when they go for those long runs, but they also help you avoid injuries to your foot and ankle. While there are many options available on the market today, how your friend intends to use the shoes has to be kept in mind. For example, there are different shoes for long-distance running, light jogging or various shoes depending on the type of sports they play.

Vibram FiveFingers

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

These somewhat freaky looking shoes are the latest trend with many fitness freaks and this is why it deserves a paragraph of its own. Also known as “barefoot shoes”, the Five Finger Vibram is designed to fit the feet like a glove…quite literally! Designed to provide the feet with a natural feel, the manufacturer’s call it the “second skin”. In fact, claims go that you can actually feel the contours of the ground you are walking on. Apart from the various health benefits which are claimed by the company, your friend will also be the talk of the town with this super cool pair of shoes.

Resistance Band

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

These are one of the best things to happen for the fitness freaks. Very popular with a number of sportsmen, including the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, they can be used to do whole body exercises and also in combination with the conventional workouts. Made from strong, thin rubber and available in a variety of colour and strength, resistance bands are super portable. So if you fitness freak friend also travels a lot, they will love these!

Cool Shakers

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

The one thing that every fitness enthusiast needs is their daily dose of protein shake. So how about a shaker as a gift? There are many models of shakers available in the market including those that have a separate compartment to store the powder. In fact, some fancy models even have multiple compartments so that you can have different supplements for each day of the week. Extremely pocket-friendly, you will surely put a smile on your friend’s face with these!

Massage Gift Card

Cool Gifts For Fitness Freaks

What better gift than a free massage session for your best friend who has been busting their ass in the gym for months? Let them treat their sore bodies to this wonderful sensation with your unique gift. Offered by most of the premier hotels and spa joints, this gift will be cherished by your friend for a long time to come!

So which one would you want to gift your health-conscious friend? Comment below to let us know!


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