double chin

10 Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin!

Somebody asks you to smile for the camera and you make ultra weird faces just to hide that extra flab under your chin! The problem is real! Well, let’s not deny that we have all been there and done that. But hey, getting that super sexy and slick face is possible. Here’s how! Just do […]

July 10, 2017 17160 0

How Does Spider-Man ‘Hang On’ To Fitness?

Spiderman: Homecoming is breaking records at the box office and winning hearts around the world. One can say the same about Tom Holland, the actor who portrays the iconic Marvel superhero. While all of us are busy gushing over Tom Holland’s onscreen persona, not many know that when the first time the actor had donned the […]

July 10, 2017 629 0