The previous post on Yoga discussed on how it can promote weight loss due to the enormous health benefits it bestows on the body. Obesity is a major concern as it invites lot of health disease. With the rush to meet job deadlines we seldom find time to eat and relish healthy food, rather we chase for those easy to make foods to fulfill our stomachs, which is mostly junk. In today’s age, with the hectic schedule and the mental pressure due to the busy work schedule, we’re all seeking mental peace. A stress-free mind and a relaxed body can help our intellect work wisely and help us make informed decisions about our eating habits making us more inclined towards the healthy way of eating. A healthy food habit will eventually control the senses, mind and help the body to work, thus keeping us fit and healthy. Are you worried about being overweight, but reluctant to try those sweaty workouts? Then Yoga is for you. Yoga poses can promote weight loss the healthy way and also help you achieve a stress free mind. All you need is comfortable clothes, a calm environment and a yoga mat to practice the poses under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

These poses are for beginners just like you. Guidance of an expert trainer is recommended to learn the nitty – gritties of each pose pertaining to the steps to be followed. The asanas here would simply mean any posture that helps in strengthening the body and improve its flexibility thus improving the well – being of the individual.

  1. Veerbhadrasana: This consists of two poses – Warrior Pose I and Warrior Pose II. The former asana helps to strengthen your tummy, thighs and buttocks and also stretches your back thus helping to reduce weight. This involves standing with your arms stretched upwards, left foot forward and right foot behind such that both the feet are 90 degrees apart. Raise your arms, bend the left knee 90 degrees and straighten your right leg and stay in this position for the time as advised. This pose is to be avoided in case you suffer from hypertension or any joint problems. The Warrior Pose II asana helps to strengthen the muscles around the hips, thighs and abdomen and helps to reduce weight. This pose should be avoided in case you suffer from hypertension or diarrhoea. Follow the same steps as warrior pose 1 except that this time instead of raising your arms upwards, keep your left arm parallel to your left leg and right arm above the right leg and facing towards the left side, and stay in this position for time as advised.
  2. Vrksasana: This is also known as Tree pose. This asana helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and thighs and promotes weight loss. In this pose, stand with your arms at your sides and the bottom of your left foot should be placed in the side of your right thigh with your knee bent to the side. This requires some balance. Lift your arms and press your hands palms together in front of your chest. Inhalation and exhalation is practiced for a recommended time set.
  3. Dhanurasana: Known as Bow pose, this asana improves he flexibility around arms and legs where you’re supposed to lie flat on your stomach, bend your knees and bring your legs towards your head. Try to reach your hands towards the ankles by lifting your shoulders and breathe in and out as instructed.
  4. Asanas for Weight LossUtkatasana: This is also known as the chair pose. This strengthens the core muscles and thighs and helps reduce weight. . This pose is not advised if you suffer from any knee injury. This pose also requires good stamina. Stand straight with your hands raised and bend your knees with your thighs parallel to the floor. This position is to be maintained as long as you can.
  5. Naukasana: This is also referred to as the boat pose. This asana helps to cut down tummy fat and helps to strengthen the lower and upper body strength increasing your stamina. Here you’re supposed to sit down on a mat and raise your feet pointed with the knee pulled up and thighs tight in position. Avoid bending the knees and raise your feet to a 45 degree angle and spine should be straight wherein the body makes a V shape.

We’ve discussed 5 yoga poses that can promote weight loss and beneficial to certain parts of the body but the detailed step should be practiced in a sequential manner under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The practice of inhaling and exhaling in certain poses play a pivotal role which should be carefully considered with the advice of your yoga master. With regular practice of the above poses and under the guidance and advice of your yoga teacher you can be assured to shed those extra Kgs and lead a healthy lifestyle.


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