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Sizzle like Hrithik Roshan: Know his fitness mantra!

Fitness, Motivational, Workout - Ratika Mishra - January 23, 2017

When Hrithik appeared on Screen in the movie “Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara”, we found that our hearts skipped a beat and we couldn’t restrain the sudden Adrenaline rush that almost pierced our hearts. He has had this effect, since he first appeared and danced to the tunes of “Kaho Naa…

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milan soman blog

The ‘Made In India’ Hunk: Milind Soman’s Fitness Routine

Fitness, Motivational, Weight Loss, Workout - Ratika Mishra - January 12, 2017

Remember the time, when a handsome young man got out of a big wooden box and the temperature of your room just got higher? “Made In India”, brought him to us and we drooled over him for all the good reasons. Hotness had a new definition and we got a…

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How Endurance Workout can help you Last Longer in Bed

Wellness, Workout - Subhra Moitra - December 20, 2016

Picturize this: You left no stone unturned to make your D day look a near perfect affair! You are all prepped up with a bunch of long-stem red roses and a bottle of champagne for a romantic candlelight dinner, then escort her to the all decked up room to make…

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9 Types of Workouts that are going to be the rage in 2017

Workout - Subhra Moitra - December 6, 2016

The workout trends in the world of fitness are changing every day with the growing craze for fitness routines that are challenging yet fun. People want workouts that not only work on their muscles and get them in shape but also are engaging and fun to do. We will be…

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10 Simple Workouts when you are In-doors

Workout - Subhra Moitra - November 8, 2016

How much ever we try to make fitness a choice, it can be really tough to hit the gym when we are running out of time. We know we have to make wise choices but it becomes difficult sometimes as we need to squeeze it out from our tight schedules.…

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5 Core Workouts For Hot, Sexy Abs All Year Round

Workout - Karen Marwein - September 20, 2016

Who doesn’t want a sizzling, chiseled core? The struggle of squeezing into those skinny jeans every morning till you make it to the top button is more than you can take it anymore. So here we are with these incredibly effective core workouts to rescue you from the seemingly bottomless…

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5 Ways To Avoid And Overcome Overtraining

Lifestyle, Workout - Karen Marwein - August 4, 2016

Apparently, her initial weight loss motivation had robbed her of her sanity of thought! Four days a week became six days a week and one-hour sessions turned to two-hour sessions. She had shunned her social life and made fitness her only friend. Her body was pushed beyond rest and recovery capacity.…

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bnner parts

Workout At Work – 6 Simple Stretches At Your Desk

Workout - Karen Marwein - July 27, 2016

Have you ever felt like a truck had just run you over when you lay your back down on your bed after an 8-hour shift at work? Whether it’s a 9 to 5, or a night shift, the torture on your back is inescapable! If ignored for a longer period,…

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bnnaer squats

6 Crucial Squatting Mistakes You Make Unknowingly

Workout - Karen Marwein - July 12, 2016

     Are you getting jack squat from your squats? There is no denying that they are the best bet for sexy thighs and a booty to die for, which is why most of us are squatting diligently and, some, religiously even. But if all the hours spent squatting is…

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How to Look Fresh and Gorgeous After a Sweaty Workout Session

Workout - Subhra Moitra - July 1, 2016

When you see celebrities like Bipasha Basu (or) Deepika Padukone working out at the gym and looking flawless after sweating out, doesn’t your soul cry for that magic wand which can give you that fresh dewy look? Of course, it does! Coz, you would not like to look fagged out…

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