Who doesn’t want to have an ageless and healthy body? In the pursuit of our coveted healthy body, we are relentlessly on the lookout for the bests to incorporate in our lives. But, most of us get lost in the myriad of options that are available in the internet. So, folks, we are here to talk no nonsense! Read on to know more about the culprits those are hiding on your plate!

300x300-Skin-1Sugar and Sugary Drinks

It’s not just for nothing that you are told constantly to leave that white stuff at bay! The science behind it might give you a nudge to think before adding spoons of sugar in your coffee. Processed sugar, aerated drinks, sugary mocktails or cocktails, candies, sugary chocolates (by the way, dark chocolates are the safer ones) are of the same crew and they not only steal the glow off your skin but can also affects your dental health. So, next time when you go to the bar counter for ordering a Pina Colada or Mojito, think again!

300x300-Skin-2Aerated Drinks

You might have already gone topsy-turvy by the catchy adverts of aerated drinks, health drinks, energy drinks and never given a second thought before picking up one from store! Remember, these drinks won’t give you wings, but, on the contrary, give you more than what you never wanted, in a negative way though—damaged teeth, dehydration, flaky skin which robs you of a healthy body! These products are high in sugar, sodium and caffeine that make your body dehydrated and your skin dull and aged. Nope, we are not anti-promoting any product, but we cannot stay mum when you let your stomach and body bear the brunt of your poor eating habits.

300x300-Skin-3Fast Foods

When you think of eating fast foods, remember that it doesn’t only reach your table fast but squeeze your youth out even faster!  The culprit behind that are – the oil that is used by the restaurants, which is predominantly corn oil that is considered to be the unhealthiest oil, the processed foods including meats that contain nitrates and saturated fats. Corn oil releases free radicals which harm internal organs and makes you age faster. The nitrates, sodium and saturated fats present in processed meats age your heart and lead you towards a poor health condition.

300x300-Skin-4Bakery Foods

All that shines are not gold and all that tastes good are not edibles, just like the bakery foods! Baked foods, especially desserts, contain high calories as they contain added sugar and fats. By including these in your diet, you not only wreck havoc to your body by increasing the calorie intake, but also causing your body, teeth and skin to age faster.


Red Meat

Before you dismiss us for being too critical on your diet, just check with your dietitian, how much is too much for you? Animal protein, if taken moderately, can fuel your body and help in building body mass. But, on the contrary, red meat is fatty and its notoriety for generating free radicals has lent it culprit fame. By seizing electrons from healthy cells, free radicals curb the progress of growth in them and apparently, this makes your skin lose the strength and elasticity to prevent from sagging. Not just that, red meat is acidic and hence, demineralization of it requires your body to resource minerals from cells and bones.

300x300-Skin-6Caffeinated Drinks

 Coffee, yes, our dear coffee is in the list too! It’s known to be diuretic and makes our body and skin go dehydrated. The ray of hope is, as health experts say, a cup or two might not be as harmful but going overboard with it will not leave you unaffected.

300x300-Skin-7Salty Foods

A pinch of salt! Didn’t your doctor say, “Put to a halt?” Because, it’s time you become a sensible adult! Hope you are done with damning this abhorring poem so that we can tell you how awful we feel about that extra salt in food! We have already discussed every detail you should know about salt in one of our articles on Sodium. And, hence, it’s not surprising what salty food can do to your body. The common reasons to avoid such foods are that they retain water, trigger dehydration in your body and make you feel bloated. This results in tired and puffy eyes, dry skin and as per studies, cause damage to major internal organs which in a way, accelerate aging.       

Hiding your age is so passé! It’s time to be flaunt about your age and let the people around you go green with envy! Yeah, it’s that simple. Do your workouts, take care of your body and chuck these foods out of your diet to stay forever young and forever gorgeous!  



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