shoulder-workoutNow who doesn’t love Vin Diesel’s broad, perfectly-chiseled shoulders? Every man wants them and every girl likes looking at them. If you men think you’re way in over your head to ever achieve that, think again!

It is possible and there are just 2 things you need to keep in mind: go slow so you don’t hurt yourself, and make sure you develop your deltoids evenly, giving equal attention to your rear head as well as your front. The shoulder joints have great mobility making them more susceptible to injury than other body parts, especially when pressing heavy weights. Warming up properly to prepare them for the heavier training to follow cuts down the risks of injury and unwelcome strain.

Yes, the exercises you do before hand might fatigue you and limit the weight you can use on these lifts, but you’ll make it up in short order as you adapt. Also focus on the rear delts as they tend to be forgotten since they cannot be seen in the mirror which often leads to a lopsided, incomplete look.

If you want to achieve the Diesel proportions, prioritise the delts and pump them up with plenty of reps. Work your shoulders only one day per week, so you can complete your other training on separate days (allow a day before and after chest training). Don’t forget to warm up before each workout.

Band Dislocation

3 sets; 10 reps

Hold a band with hands outside shoulder-width, keeping it taut. Raise the band over your head and behind it, keeping your arms straight. Go as far as your shoulders will comfortably allow, but feel the stretch. Rotate your arms forward and back for reps, choking up on the band more as your shoulders loosen up.

Dumbbell Halo

3 sets; 8 reps

Hold a dumbbell with both hands and circle your head with it, rotating the weight around, behind, and in front of you.

Dumbbell Y-T-W-I

3 sets; 8 reps (each direction)

Set a bench to a 45-degree incline and lie on it face down with a dumbbell in each hand. With thumbs pointing to the ceiling, raise your arms to make a Y shape. Lower them and raise your arms to form a T. Lower again and raise them with bent elbows to make a W. Finally, make an I shape.

Spider Crawl

3 sets; 3 reps (up and down)

Wrap a loop band around your wrists and place your hands against a wall with your arms straight. Move your arms apart so there’s tension on the band and walk your hands up the wall and then back down. Keep pushing your hands away from each other so you feel your shoulders working. Each trip up and down the wall is one rep.

Band Pull Apart

3 sets; 10 reps

shoulder-pressHold a band, hands shoulder-width and arms extended in front of you. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and move your arms outward as if you were pulling the band apart. Change your grip on each set. You can grasp the band underhand, with palms facing each other, one hand choked up on the band, etc.

So there you go – the workout to get you the Diesel shoulders. Alternately, work the first two exercises for the first month and move on to the next three for the second month.


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