Although the monsoon is a very much welcome break from the scorching summer heat, we cannot deny that it also tends to dampen our spirits. Our outdoor activities like grocery shopping, morning and evening walks are all thrown out of order. Who would want to go to the gym while it drizzles or pours? But does that mean that we should let the monsoon hamper our fitness regimen? No! We shouldn’t and we won’t! Here are a few tips how to maintain our fitness even while it pours.

  • Whether you go out for walks or go to the gym, you do that daily at a scheduled time. Even when it rains, stick to the timing and even wear your usual workout apparels. Start off with a few simple stretches to warm up.
  • Having a few exercising devices like skipping rope, dumbbells, medicine ball, etc. pays off on days like these. And if you’ve been trying to come up with a valid reason to buy a treadmill or an indoor cycle, you’ve got a very good one now!
  • If you’re not the gym goer, simple exercises like sit-ups, waist bends, knee bends, calf exercises, etc. are great ways to flex your muscles not just on rainy days but every day. Walking up and down the stairs in your house is also a very good exercising technique for your lower body.
  • Practice yoga. Select an airy spot and start with a few simple asanas if you’re a beginner. Breathing exercises will also help reduce respiratory problems that are common during the monsoons.dancing-at-home
  • The monsoon rains also mean evening snacks to go with your steaming cup of tea. No worries, jogging on the spot or around the house will help you rid of any extra fat accumulation.
  • Household chores are a great way of keeping you off the couch. Whenever you feel like there’s nothing to do because of the rain, take a dusting cloth and a broom. You’ll be amazed by what they can help you achieve.
  • Next comes my favourite workout – dance. Play your favourite dance tunes, turn the volume up and dance like there’s no tomorrow. It’s one of the best full body workout there is.