Have you been practicing to hide the temper and grumbles off your face whenever someone pushes food towards you that you try hard to avoid in parties?

Or, have you been shutting behind the curtains to keep away from the site of the over enthusiastic relatives of yours whose love showers on an intense level through offering those high-calorie foods and eventually settles down only when you stuff your stomach with food for at least three people.

It is a suffocating experience for people who are going through a rigorous diet. There will be hardly anyone who might have not experienced such situations at least once in life. If you too are among those, join us to learn some smart ways to push the food pushers aside.   

Food-Pushers-1When people push food on you and you feel intimidated by the strange stares for following a healthy diet and sticking to your health commitment, suddenly it seems the entire world is conspiring against you, agree? While dealing with negativity is not an easy job, it is also of no use to respond negativity with negativity as this could make the situation worse. Instead, when these bunch of critics comment on your changed food habits, you can just gracefully accept how they are right but escape the trap with subtle tricks. So when you are asked to have a bite of that luscious creamy chocolate fudge, say, “By pushing that to me you are putting the appetite of the rest of the people in danger. I might not leave an iota if I start.”   Or, “Let others enjoy the food. I’m sure, you won’t say no if I visit you some other time to enjoy this chocolaty bliss?”

Food-Pushers-2When we religiously follow a diet plan we try hard to abide by. You meet two types of critics while dining out; the innocent ones who actually are concerned about your health and want to be sure that you are eating enough and the other who are scared of your change—which they think, in turn also drag them towards change in order to keep camaraderie with you. They feel isolated when you say “no” and want you to be a part of that same group. The best way to handle the situation is with humor. Instead of saying a plain NO, add a little wit while refusing the calorie laden food. Say that the chocolate mousse sounds good, but only when you go for a chocolate facial. Or when your friends insist you to have a sip of Piña Colada, you can tell them that you are on a mission to save these drinks as much as possible for the ones who actually die for it.

When you attend family get-together, the focus of the hosts is majorly on how to make people happy by serving the best foods. This is how people weigh hospitality and want others to accept the same wholeheartedly, which is only possible when you stuff yourself and come back huffing and puffing to catch some breath. If you want to avoid such frightening situation, then try these smarter tricks. When your loving aunt offers you that butter naan or pudding, appreciate how appetizing those items are and have a little and tell them how you want to have more but alas, you are full. It’s not easy to decline, but you can also try diverting their attention to how beautifully the entire arrangement is done or how gorgeous she looks in her attire.

Sticking to your nutrition and diet plan is difficult in the first place, and with family parties, gatherings, outing with friends—it becomes a struggle for many of us who just love food and reluctantly chuck the diet plan out of mind temporarily. We know how hard it is to keep the food pushers at bay, but as life would had it, we were gifted with a bunch of such friends and family members who don’t forget to test our patience from time to time. But, now that you know how to handle them without offending anyone, relax, take a deep breath and move on with your fitness goal!


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