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Fitness Is A Lifestyle - Yasaswy Modukuru

Fitness is a lifestyle – Yasaswy Modukuru

Talking about motivation, we’ve always heard people say they can’t move it because they’re not motivated enough. Here’s one for all of you!   He fell, kissed the floor, bruised his knees, arms, and even face. ...

Archana Kiran - October 12, 2017
Trishnanta Kanjilal

Kuch Heroes Aise Bhi:Trishnanta’s Transformation Story!

With a 9 am to 6 pm job, project deadlines and a life punctuated by weekends full of parties, food and drinks, Trishnanta Kanjilal could be anyone of us. But, as a matter of fact, she isn’t, because unlike most of ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta - September 19, 2017
kuch heroes aise bhi_Romit Baweja

Kuch Heroes Aise Bhi: The Transformation story of Romit Baweja!

The world we live in is occupied with people whose lives are stuck in the rut, whose goals centre around making money and that’s the number we are worried about more and more. But, there is a world that exists where ...

Subhra Moitra - August 31, 2017